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Right To Refuse a Revision

One of my “direct buyers” - those who order without even saying hello first - asked for a 500 w/ article which I promptly delivered. A few hours later, still without thinking of using the chat first, he requested a revision. The attached message went something along the lines of:

“hey! I really like the article you sent me, in fact, it’s perfect and I love it! Instead of a revision, though, could I ask you to send me a complete rewrite, so that I can use it on different blogs?”

Now: article curation is one of the services I offer on the gig. To me, having to fully rewrite a piece means having to basically work twice while only getting paid once. I really don’t want to do this. I don’t know the guy, there’s no “customer retention” playing a role in this, and sincerely I have better paying orders waiting to be completed.

Question is: do we even have the rights to refuse a revision? The UI contains no “NOPE” button, which leaves me at a loss for options. Should I just STFU and work for free? Should I cancel the order, lose revenue, and give this guy a free article?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


He/She must pay an another gig. Just ask that. And mark the order as delivered. SOme buyers when they get in fiverr they don’t know how to use it so instead of messaging they ask revisions.

You do not work for free. Make your time worthy and not give it away with no profit.

Let us know how it goes.


I haven’t checked out your gig, so: how many revisions do you offer, and do you explain exactly what you offer as a revision?

If you don’t state it clearly in the gig description or the FAQ, the buyer has the right to ask for a rewrite. However, if you clearly state in your gig description (for example) that you do only small changes as a revision, then you can redeliver the old article, politely explain to your buyer that a complete rewrite is not covered by your revision policy, and ask them to place another order for the rewrite. Or, you can just offer them a custom extra for a rewrite within the same order.


If the buyer is satisfied and wants a different version so he/she can re-use then it is mis-use of the revision request.
it is like giving a musician some lyrics and he plays the song, you upload it in youtube and then you ask an another version of the song so you can re upload.
The buyer must buy again to offer the same service since he wants to use both services.


Oh, I agree, but if the scope of a revision is not clearly stated in the gig description, Customer Support might side with the buyer.

Naah I dont think so. If the seller explain carefully then there will be no problem. Hopefully :slight_smile:


Hopefully, but adding it in the gig description helps. Then you can go with something like: “Hello, thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately, as stated in the gig description, I only offer small changes for a revision, not a complete rewrite. For rewriting, I offer (explain it). Would you like to place a new order for a rewrite, or do you prefer me to send you a custom offer within this order?” :slightly_smiling_face:


You are right. :slight_smile: It has you covered even if that must be something that is naturally meant :slight_smile:

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Your buyer is perfectly happy with your delivery. They are not asking you for a revision, they are asking you for a second product and trying to suggest that a revision entitles them to this. Say sorry but you have provided 1 x 500-word article and if they want a second, your buyer will have to pay.

One thing you really have to be careful with here is buyers who might start requesting that you do this regularly. I used to have a buyer use their video revisions to ask for 1 and then 2 edited versions of the same video, each of which would take me an hour to prepare and deliver. In the end, saying ‘sorry but you need to pay for this extra work’ didn’t go down well.

Don’t let the situation snowball. Tell your buyer how it is as politely as possible and let them decide whether they want to pay for a new article.


Don’t do it. Say no. Send them a message and say that you only received one order, and what they are asking for is a second new order, so send them a custom order for it.

Just re send the same delivery to them again. Make sure you send that message to them first.


Exactly! The time it would take you to rewrite the whole thing might not be worth the money you’re making, and there’s no guarantee your buyer will be happy with your revision.

My policy for revisions is this.

  1. Buyers must give CLEAR reasons why they don’t like it
  2. Buyers must be friendly
  3. Buyers must have realistic expectations
  4. Buyers must be grateful

If you paid for 5 headlines and I gave you 10 and you have the audacity to demand a revision, you better give me a good reason, and an idea of what you like. Usually, I just refund that order immediately because if someone doesn’t appreciate getting double for nothing, that person isn’t worth my time.


I love this boldness. But it mostly have negative effects on sales


Don’t loose mind.
Explain the buyer the same thing you explained here.

And ask him if everything is clear shall I deliver the order now?
And for a different version send him extra offer with existing order or ask him if he needs a custom offer sent with some more different variations for even more blogs :slight_smile:


I had the same thing once with one of my buyers. I was a fool for agreeing on making 2 other designs for free - I design logos and posters by the way-. And you know what? After delivering 8 designs for the price of 6 and completing the order, he showed up a week later saying that there is a misspelling mistake in one of the designs and he wants a refund.
Actually, there was no spelling mistakes, he just played it well on the customers services and they gave him his money back and I made 8 designs for free!
After contacting the customer services more than once telling them there aren’t any mistakes and the issue not being solved I realized the That fiverr protects who pays the money so you should be careful with customers like this.

Fiverr usually can’t deny buyer claim.
As you see “Buyer is always right” and you always will face some greedy buyer who wants things for free.

If fiverr doesn’t accept and refund him he will do social media and all those stuffs.

You have to make your point strong to be safe from this type situations.
When buyer say such things instantly ask him politely to provide the file / files where marked up with the actual issue.

Just make him accept that there isn’t any issue or ask him to prove so you can correct the issue. Be polite all the way.
The moment you stop replying or get rude he will will.

If after all this you suffer loss, Some losses can’t be ignored just get over it.

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Yeah i been hit by this kinda buyers not once but 5 time already…
the last one was last week LOL

yeah… specially on seller side…