Right To Refuse Service


This needs to be implemented as soon as possible. I don’t understand why I should be obliged to carry through with a service with absolutely anyone who buys the gig. Ive had a couple of bad experiences with customers who held me to ransom with threats of a negative. I would like to blacklist them from my gigs.


Reply to @madmoo:

" It may be like pulling teeth but we tend to get there eventually!" I went thru that just today.

"In the case of buyers who have tried it on before, then yes, I’d ask support to cancel if the buyer won’t, and I think that’s acceptable.“

This does’t settle well in my stomach. There is another TRS on fiverr that offers

money back guarantee, along with " If you are not happy, I will refund you” .

I am guessing, that TRS person gets a fair number of refunds. I have been keeping a close eye on TRS folks, it seems that cancellations will never affect them on dropping a level.

In regards to your statement, CS(Customer Support) has mentioned to me before. Whether they cancel it, or you do or mutual cancellation. Basically any cancellation will affect your level as well as rating.

The TRS person I mentioned. I am super curious as to how he is immune to cancellations. Or are all TRS folks immune to cancellations.

I could use some clarification on this.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for clarifying

You sure do speak from your heart. Unlike alot of other folks in here. Thanks again madmoo!




I can relate to the graphic design scenario. I stopped doing it because of awkward customers. Its fine to ask for revisions, but some are just out for a freebie. I’m not sure the word discrimination is necessarily accurate. I know nothing about the customer other than what comes out in any PM correspondence, so have nothing to really discriminate on.

Transactions based on vibes and dialog are cancelled between buyers and sellers all the time in the business world, I don’t see how fiverr should be any different. Its not discrimination, it just means the transaction did not work out. I walk away from deals on s k ype because of bad vibes.

I would go one further and have an option for the seller to tick a box that states the buyer must contact the seller with details of his/her request BEFORE ordering. I tried putting this in my listing and 99% ignored, which led to more mutual cancellations.


I agree and disagree with madmoo, i had some bad experiences as well. Let me give you a scenario of a pure scammer. Say you do a logo or a video or any design work. Then they refuse it, saying they want a refund. They get to keep your custom work and use it. You cant reason with a scammer. It was his motive from start.

Customer support can barely help as well. This is why i think blacklisting and being able to reject is necessary.

There are many getting away with this. If i could i would blacklist so they cant purchase anything from me. Also wish i could blacklist them if they fail to follow instructions after you send them another revision of your instructions. Without affecting your rating. Some buyers should invest in a dictionary and re-enroll in school for an extra semester then buying a gig.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes written from my galaxy phone.

Don’t even get me started about some buyers attitude as well. Thinking they bought a castle.


Reply to @madmoo:

Thank you for clearing that out for me. Perfect.

Now i can safely throw that myth in the BIN. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated for the comprehensive reply regarding TRS folks.

Hope in 2013, Fiverr.com will do something about cancellation’s as well as instructions etc.

Thanks again @madmoo !!


Just to add to this:

Some TRS have 97% rating and lower tons of cancellations. But it seems they just never lose TRS level or get demoted to level 2, try and fix things up and then get reviewed again if they can gain back their TRS badge.