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Rights in Fiverr

Hello! I am having a question about who haves rights about a painting in fiverr when a seller doesn’t getting paid. I did a wrong and send my work in a buyer whom i had worked before on a smaller project. He requested a bigger paintingwith more difficulty than the previous one but never did the order. Again he asked for a photo pic of the work to do the order and i wrongly accepted and send it. Now he never did the order, so at least can i use my painting in my gallery ? Could he possible accuse me for TOS violation for stealing his idea when i never got paid for my work that took me hours? Thank you


Firstly, never ever do work without an order being in place.

Secondly, you don’t how the scam buyer is going to use the image. If it turns up in an image search, you could potentially be the one who Fiverr penalises.

Yes, you could be stubborn about it and say to yourself “it’s my work” and “I wasn’t paid therefore I’ll use it how I want” - but this might come back to bite you.

In the event of a problem, Fiverr is unlikely to support you as there was no order in place.


Thank you for your time and answer. I wanted to be sure. It was wrong from my part and I refused multiple times. The buyer was rude . Its a good lesson cause until now all the buyers that i came in contact with were always polite and placed their orders. Again thank you. I send a request on fiverr to clear more the matter about the copyrights of my painting. Also my image was original work by hand. I spent so many hours for this. I don’t mind if he use it for a tattoo or t-shirt etc. But i mind that i don’t get to use it after such work on it