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Rip 5.0 rating!

So, after a few orders I finaly got back to an overall 5.0 rating. Yay! That was until yesterday. My buyer rated 4.7 and when I asked if anything was wrong he said he meant to rate a 5.0. Unfortunatly ratings can not be changed and I’m back to 4.9! I wanna cry xD


Dang, that sucks. But at least he didn’t accidentally put it as 1.0 or something.

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ha ha ha. that’s right.

Very true. And at least I know it was actualy worth 5 stars xD

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What does that mean xD

Thats sad and funny!! Don’y cry Babe you will earn it soon in sha allah

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don’t do that , you might get in trouble :slight_smile:


I didnt know, thanks for telling me!

I’ll do my best for sure

There have been many posts on the forum where sellers have got a warning because they asked about a rating.

Best just to move on.


Damn I didnt know about that. When I ask Im just trying to know what I have to improve next time

Never mind. 4.9 is good!

You did it before. You can do it again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good, Try Harder you will get that position which you deserve.

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