Rip off merchants within here


this site is a total ripoff. i have had the worst experience with a seller and I will be telling everyone I know to steer clear of this site. every request he tells me I must pay more! so for a gig that was advertised for $5 then I agree to $70 for the website creation. then he tells me that because i do not give 5 stars for the job BEFORE IT BEGINS his account is not working with full features… so then i agree to another $5. when this is paid THEN HE TELLS ME ANOTHER $50 MORE.!!! . this is terrible system.
he also tells me the webpages are not in the site I gave access to so I can edit them. he tells me they are locked to him…clearly so I must pay him for every edit in the future on my own website. DISGUSTING


Did you choose your username because you had some premonition regarding the quality of this site? If so, why didn’t you go to a better site? Or is this an alternate account for some reason?


So you’re labeling Fiverr as a terrible “total ripoff” website based solely upon ONE experience with ONE seller? Please use a little more common sense in your dramatic announcements, and actually experience more of this wonderful website before you label it prematurely.

One bad seller does not make all of Fiverr bad.


I absolutely agree with you


I love fiverr :slight_smile: