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Ripped Off by fiverr?

Completed a project for a new client yesterday, project was 100% to client specs. Client cancels order today and fiverr refunds them…why in the world would Fiverr rip me off? Had perfect metrics until this!


it’s probably a chargeback , Fiverr has nothing to do with it

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there are very ill-intentioned people. Do you try to communicate with support?

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If it was a charge back would Fiverr still change my completed project ratings?

I’ve sent messages to support, haven’t heard anything back though. This makes me second guess working on Fiverr, I don’t want to work for free.

Too bad, I hope you solve your problem soon. no one wants to work for free

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If it is a chargeback then to avoid this in future projects make sure to communicate more to the clients and make a friendly environment so they can ask you anything instead of doing this bad move.
Do you still see his account? after a chargeback fiverr usually disable their account.

Yep, I can still see their account. I thought I did a good job of communicating with the client, and I went above and beyond by giving the client 3 iterations of their project in different color schemes they were interested in and only charged for one.

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Careful folks - Fiverr won’t back you even when you did everything you were supposed to do.

You can contact you clients Why he cancels order. and gently tell him.

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I’m so sorry this happened.

Did the buyer let you know why they weren’t happy with what they got from you?

Did they send any messages to you before they cancelled, and if so, did you answer them?

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