Ripped off by fragglerock!


sent the $5 and no reply.

It’s been 10 days or so!!


Hi. You should contact Customer Support about this situation. Click “Help” at the bottom of the site, then you can open a ticket. You can request your money back. Also, before you contacted Customer Support, go to your order and click on ‘Resolution Centre’ and then click on ‘Request Cancellation’, now you are able to cancel this order and get a refund. Ask me if you have any questions. Please, hurry up, but don’t worry about this. Do what I told you and you will get your money back. Do it immediately! Good luck! :wink:


Nothing gets a seller’s attention faster than a request for a modification or cancellation. Other messages may get lost or ignored. Good sellers don’t miss deadlines, and/or communicate if they do. However, buyers should know that Fiverr is global, you may be awake, the seller may be sleeping. If it’s been 10-days, unless he’s in the hospital, there’s no excuse.



i’m so sorry for you,

may be you need to be take care for choose any seller