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Ripped Off by Seller Claiming to Produce Vector Art Logo


I needed a photoshop file (logo) recreated in Adobe Illustrator. The seller charged me $57.50.
But instead of recreating the logo, (actually drawing it) He/She just placed the file in Illustrator. That is a joke. placing a photo into illustrator don’t not convert it.

I requested my money back and the seller declined.


He/She charged to much amount bro !!! Seriously


Request him/her to do it properly otherwise contact with Customer Support at


Customer support will immediately cancel the order and will punish seller for that. I had a buyer once whom i worked for and after taking all the files, he wanted to cancel the order. I didn’t reply him and submitted a ticket and after having a very close look to order and conversation that we had, fiverr support immediately blocked his account and order was completed automatically.
So go for it. They won’t disappoint you. You can even cancel the order within 13 days of completion being a buyer.


I am running into sellers who show awesome work on their cover page. When you ask them to reproduce the style, it looks nothing like the cover page. Are they hustling me?