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Ripped off by sellers


i have been with fiverr for over a year and every once in a while i bump into sellers who are peddling services which are far from promised… so far i have face atleast 9 gigs where the sellers did not deliver and i was unable to do anything, writing to fiverr for some of them ended up falling on deaf ears… now i have a provider who agreed to a set of works and delivered nothing that was agreed. even though i have offered to pay more he now suddenly no longer understands english… i cant even find where to contact fiverr anymore… all i see at the resolution centre is

Order: ‘fragglesrock’ Ordered on Jan 29, 2014 (14 days ago) Seller: 'fragglesrock’


Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users is not allowed here.

I see this order was delivered on 02/11/14. It is now marked as completed.

An order is automatically marked as complete 3 days after delivery unless you request modifications or submit an order review within the 3 days. If you have any issues with your seller or the order, please get in touch with the seller first here.

Theres no dispute no report nothing… fiverrs terms say a buyer has 10 days to dispute but i cant find where to dispute this…

can anyone help?

hi kb, that contacts there but the seller is choosing to ignore all communication. and rebesign yea im sure thats all i see there… its the first time im seeing this… lol… does anyone know whats fiverrs email?

oh yea theres no button to contact the seller or request for modification either…

Are you sure you’re in the Resolution Center?

If you click shopping link at top, you will see titles of gigs you purchased.

Click on the title of the appropriate gig. You will see two tabs at upper left, Activity and Resolution Center. You’ll want to click on Resolution center. See here’s a picture of the upper left.

If you’re ever short of cash, you can just scam buyers yourself. It seems to be very easy to do on Fiverr. I’m out of $50 and counting.