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Ripped off on App development

I got suckered by fragglerock, I paid through Fiverr and a few days later he/she told me they were cancelling the order. I had already given them all my data so I felt compelled to give them what they wanted. They told me Fiverr cost them too much and wanted me to pay their paypal. I felt I had no choice so I paid them. It was 42.00 but it was shitty no the less. Don’t deal with this seller if you value your money.

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@WILLMARO does the app go directly with a company website or brand online? If so I would let them know that they do NOT have rights to your app until they pay you for it, but they should do so through Fiverr. Now if you created a “GLOBAL” type app you might be screwed here, but if it’s a BRAND DEDICATED app you have a lot you can do to make sure that at least the app stores don’t allow it to be distributed.

P.S. Always use the fiverr system, if they are trying to circumvent fiverr it should raise a red flag automatically and you should report it right away in the future.