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Ripped OFF - Seller more worried about his rating than MY Service!


Hi do you think you could order again since this order is marked late already? I’m almost finished with your song but I won’t be able to finish by tonight since I gotta wake up at 4:30 am tomorrow. Sorry (Please make sure you accept the mutual cancellation, you’ll receive a refund) I’m sure you’re probably disappointed since I didn’t deliver on time so I’ll understand if you don’t wanna go through with it anymore. Either way you get a refund.

14:01 JANUARY 22, 2015



No I want my song mastered pls. Do you get a bad rating or something. I am happy with the time frame. All good. Just would like to get song back by Friday if possible.

15:04 JANUARY 22, 2015

Yeah but this order is marked very late. So I’d rather you start a new one. I’ll still deliver it by friday


have cancelled order and reapplied - waiting on response…

Should I report this kind of activity as I have now missed my deadline. Pissed AS!


You can be pissed but most sellers DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL – DO NOT WANT TO BE LATE unless circumstances dictate otherwise. As a seller, I’m here to make money. So being late or cancelling doesn’t help my bottom line but crap happens and much of it is out of the seller’s control. I have been begging fiverr to add a “mutual extension” button so buyer and seller can agree to extend the deadline if needed. Since we have a mutual cancellation button, I think a mutual extension button makes sense.

I could list a long list of what may of happen, but I’d bore you. Even though I’m primarily a seller on Fiverr I’m also a buyer (purchased over $600 in 2014).

If a buyer is late, I may give him a break and try to work with him if his efforts seem genuine. A quick look at his previous feedback from other buyers may give me a clue. If being late is a habit, it will show up in previous feedback. If it doesn’t, who knows there may be a legitimate reason the seller can’t complete on time.

When I say it may be out of his control, for example previous buyers before your gig ask for several modifications. Those modifications were unexpected and in most cases is not the seller’s fault but the buyer asking for modifications that he decided he wanted at the last minute. As a seller, It happens to me all the time. I either accommodate those mods or get a negative review. Also, modifications can mess up a seller’s schedule and that is when he is begging for an “mutual extension” button.

Ok, enough said. It is up to you if you want to work with the seller or not. If he/she looks like someone whom in the past did all he can to meet buyer’s needs, you may want to give him or her a break but like I said, it is up to you.


Great feedback thank you. “Mutual Extension button” top idea!

An update - seller is now trying to cancel my 2nd order that he requested to initiate.

I declined - I'll see what happens from here.

Cheers guys.


Reply to @myvideoservice: The system does allow seller to take as long as they need even after the order is late, UNLESS the buyer cancel. So it’s up to the buyer to give more time or not. What matters is that would lengthen the delivery date in the gig, and this is what this specific seller trying to avoid.

The shame is that this seller doesn’t know how to manage his time, and wants to hide it.




"have cancelled order and reapplied - waiting on response…"

If you’ve cancelled the order you’re not entitled to a response. I’m not defending the seller for being late, being late is inexcusable, but once a transaction is cancelled, he or she owes you nothing.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: the seller asked him to cancel (because the order is late), and reorder (to have a fesh new order). And he did exactly that. No offend but since OP copied the seller’s message in the first post, I don’t think it’s that hard to understand the concept here.