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Ripped off twice in a row


Two gigs, one was $42 and one was $21 …two different Fiverr Sellers…

It’s not so much the money, but you should know that I will never spend another dime here again…

For those of you who say “We’re not all bad” … help make your community better… get rid of the scammers.

AND WHY do orders automatically get marked delivered? I, as the customer, should decide when it’s complete… asking for a refund only wastes more of my time and that’s more valuable.

Improve your community. I’ll be hiring only people that can pass my interview going forward (which is sad considering it’s easy HTML work.)


Orders are marked complete 3 DAYS post delivery because, the entire system cannot wait for an otherwise unresponsive buyer. Money is not released to sellers until 14 days after completion of delivery.

Good luck with that! :thumbsup:


There’s nothing that any seller can do to get rid of any other seller - just as well, it would lead to chaos!

If you don’t contact CS and ask for a refund and report what happened to you, then there’s nothing anybody else can do I’m afraid.


You, as the customer, have 3 days to check the delivery and review the order. If you do nothing for 3 days, the order automatically gets marked as complete, otherwise sellers would never get paid for their work. It’s in the Terms of Service, and you have agreed to the ToS by creating an account and using Fiverr.


This belief is what causes most of the problems on this site.

You as the customer should read the terms and conditions of the site you are using and adhere to them.


I’m sorry for what happened to you! You have my sympathy and I hope you got refunds.

It’s a good idea to interview sellers first. Ask all the questions you need to be sure they are ok.

There are lot’s of amazing sellers here and it’s just a matter of finding them.


The system does provide you with enough nuanced tools, for example, there is a 3 day window before a gig is marked as complete, so the seller cannot mark it as done without you having any notice of it. 3 days is good enough time for a buyer to arrive at a conclusion as to whether or not they want to accept it or seek revision. You get an incredible window of 30 days to write a review to enunciate your experiences.

The system even allows you to leave anonymous feedback even on cancelled gigs. Buyers have been entitled to too many powers already. I don’t see how someone could give off a vibe of helplessness with all these tools which give broad sweeping powers to buyers.

I’m glad no one in the replies has said that.

We are not collectively or personally responsible for a bad experience you had with someone else.

Sometimes things don’t work out. There are many sellers on the forum who have their own stories of bad experience with buyers as well. Buyers and Sellers are both requesting for tools to let them have more control over who they hire and who they work for.


There are great sellers here also who wouldn’t like a lot of interview questions, although in some categories such as writing, I understand it’s usual to get interview type questions, even if the seller has thousands of positive reviews and is a top rated seller. So try to understand also that a top rated seller with an obviously great track record might not be as happy about a lot of interview questions as they may feel their reputation is apparent.


This is all great feedback responses here. I’m on my iPhone at the moment but one thing that stands out is in my second case.

The seller went back and forth about odd issues like “your server is slow” and “I can’t login” the three days came and went whereas I should’ve been clicking the “request revision” button as apparently it resets the timer.

(Server is fine by the way). Originally I had stated "I really like the look and feel of this site at She initially then ripped that site and added my logo to it and marked the order complete.

I had to explain “that’s theft and perhaps you misunderstood me”

From that point on it’s been back and forth. I’ll be sure to write a review in this case and I don’t even care about the money.

My time is lost.


I get the impression that there are a lot of problems when it’s involving something to do with making a website.

It’s a higher dollar sale. This is a wide open market for someone who is totally honest and puts in the time, knowledge and effort to make great websites for people. I would love to find the right person for this myself but so far it’s more like what you have described.


If you work with Fiverr for a while and get to know the system, you learn red flags as a buyer and a seller. It does take some effort for either side. The effort is what you trade for getting bargains here, even on higher priced gigs. I’m both a buyer and seller. if I need a service from a seller I don’t know of, I contact them with a question or two (not an interview) and make sure they seem responsive and able to communicate.

Then I buy something small, even if I have to spend $5 on something I barely need, or have the seller complete some sort of task that I use as an interview but I pay them for their time and trouble. Only then I would I order anything more. If I feel I need someone who can do something fast and it will cost more out of the gate, I ask around for recommendations.

In your case, a delivery when the job wasn’t really delivered properly would have been an immediate flag to me. I probably would have just asked for cancellation then based on the ripped site delivery. Customer Service would likely find in your favor on that if the seller refuses. if I did move forward with the order, then yes I would use revisions. The order should never go complete if it’s not done.

Like you, I have occasionally preferred to “pay” to write a review. I only do that if the seller is unresponsive or is unprofessional with me. If it’s an honest mis-match and I’m offered a refund or feel the seller tried hard, I may take a refund or just let them keep the money and I don’t leave any review. Since I typically find out about those types on the $5 order, sometimes $5 is worth it to help improve the site.