Ripped off with no delivery


I was absolutely ripped off by a merchant *********, who did not deliver and stopped responding to my messages asking him for the status of the job. He also kept blocking my attempts to open up a dispute and cancel the order. I am wondering what are my options.

Mod Note: Seller name removed. Please note that naming other users in this manner is not allowed on the Forum. Please address your concerns to Customer Support.


click the link to contact support and ask them to cancel the order on your behalf
PS Next time you decide to order, check out the reviews. The seller has a lot of negatives.


I have and have still to hear from them.


It’s almost impossible to be ripped off by a seller on Fiverr.

Using screenshots, if you didn’t receive the work requested from your seller, support will refund you 100% percent.



If you’ve written to them, all you can do is wait - venting your anger will not speed anything up. All we can do in a situation like this is suggest contacting them anyway.

Why do people always write that they’ve contacted customer support in a way which makes it seem like they’ve been waiting 2 years for a response?


I guess because I have been patient enough with the seller for the past two days.


Sellers are a different story, but you can’t actually get ‘ripped off’ on Fiverr unless you, the buyer, do something wrong. You’ve done the right thing by contacting customer support, but all you can do now is wait for it to be resolved


Thanks, that’s good advise.


Just wait for 24 more hours. You’re guaranteed to get your money back and the buyer is surely going to get a warning from Fiverr.