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Ripped off


I worked with a new seller to create a simple logo for my business over a 4 day period. Their understanding of English left a lot to be desired.

Paid $15 on the strength of a jpg of the job, and signed the gig off as i was becoming frustrated with thier lack of understanding and i really wanted the PSD file so i could use another designer to make the adjustments so that i have the logo design required.

Gave a 3 star feedback and asked seller to send over the source file. Seller said he will not send source file unless i give a five star feedback. How can i report the seller to fiverr? I feel ive been ripped off!!


CS can help-- Open up a ticket here:


Yep, sellers are not allowed to hold work you’ve paid for ransom in return for a higher star rating. Contact CS and you’ll most likely get your money back.


Thanks guys for the advice. Which tab do i click to open a ticket?

Ive also opened a dispute in Paypal Resolution Center.

The seller (are we allowed to say who he is) sent a message today stating that he will definitely not be sending the source files unless i give him a 5 star rating. Cheeky b*****d!

The thing is, our printing company was expecting the source file today to do a print run for us. This experience is awful. Thanks in advance.

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Reply to @kevbird: If you’ve opened a PayPal dispute, you’re likely to get your account suspended. It’s better to try to resolve the issue with Fiverr before just yanking the money back to PayPal.