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Ripping off my gig video script

Hi all,

I have just noticed that another seller in my category, Norwegian voice-overs, have almost word for word ripped off the script in my gig video for his own video. He made subtle changes here and there, but you can (if you understand Norwegian) instantly hear that he ripped off my gig video.

Is this something I could take up with the CS team? I would just like to know if I’m wasting my time or not. Basically, the script in the video is created by me, and I own the copyright to that script.

Making tiny subtle changes (like changing the first sentence, and then almost word for word copying my script) I find just as much an infringement on my copyright as stealing a logo and then just changing the name.

I would appreciate any insights.


Oh, and I noticed an he almost word for word copied parts of my gig description as well.

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Hi, I think you sohould contact moderators or other employees from fiverr, this should be reported and is against their guidelinces

I have contacted the CS team now, with documentation of all the infringements. We’ll see what they can do about it. This individual claims to have 25 years of experience in the industry, yet he has to copy and paste my gig description, and just copy my gig video script with some subtle changes? I find it unprofessional, not to mention illegal.


So, after reaching out to the CS team, they solved the issue fast. The gig was removed, and the seller in question no longer has any of my material in his active gig.

Thumbs up for customer support here on Fiverr. I know they get a lot of grief, but this time I’m impressed with they way they handled the issue.


Good for you! I’m glad.

To me this isn’t good enough. If I rip an article from off the Internet and try selling it on Fiverr, I’ll get banned. Apparently, though, if I rip another sellers gig materials to promote myself on Fiverr, I’ll get a slap on the wrist.

Sellers using my gig descriptions have changed these after I’ve reported the matter to CS. However, this :poop: doesn’t happen by accident. As far as I’m concerned, once you’re a thief on Fiverr, you’re always a thief on Fiverr, and you shouldn’t have any place here.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this.

Obviously, I could go the way of reporting the matter to the police.

I accidentally used a photo I didn’t have the rights for in a news article once, and I think the copyright owner handled the matter perfectly.

He contacted me with an invoice for the usage license, along with a 100% fee for the illegal usage. I gladly paid the invoice, both out of respect for the owner, and because I should have double checked the rights to the photo before using it.

But when it comes to gig descriptions and video scripts, I’m not sure how I could do this. I can’t just send the seller an invoice, because Fiverr protects our identities.

Since I don’t have a “set rate” for stolen gig descriptions (:rofl:) I can’t provide the thief with a price anyway.

Now, if this was to become a police matter, they could probably subpoena the information from Fiverr, but I know with 99% certainty that the police would dismiss the case anyway.

So I was left with what the CS team could do. Now, in my opinion, if you have knowingly stolen another sellers content, you should be banned from Fiverr. Apparently that’s not the way Fiverr deals with internal theft on the platform, so with all things considered, I’m happy with the outcome.

If it were up to me, the thief would be banned and required to pay me for my content at double my regular rate, and pay a fine for his criminal actions. But that’s just a pipe-dream.

What many people don’t seem to realize is that stealing content is still stealing. I have used other people’s content as inspiration before, and the way I do it is to always make sure the content is only inspired by the source, not copied from them. There’s a huge difference!

When you, word for word, just copy and past a bullet-point list and sentences, along with using the almost exact same wording in your script, this isn’t an accident. It’s theft.

Cheating Only Prohibited in examination Hall

Once it happened to me. I found a seller who copied one of my gig video. He copied the video concept, word to word script and even the background music which I customized by adding some sound effects. The only change he made was replacing the graphics. I reported and the video was taken down.

It’s good that Fiverr takes down illegally stolen content, but I think the sellers who do this gets off far to easy. But again, under the circumstances, Fiverr was quick to react and removed the stolen content.