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Rise, Fall & Rise On Fiverr

I have been here on Fiverr since 2014, though I actually started working on it from I guess the end of 2016. Initially, it was just out of curiosity, figuring out what Fiverr is all about, how a lot of people are earning on Fiverr and how I can earn on Fiverr.

Things started to turn around End of 2017, I started offering some unique services based on my experience which appealed to a lot of people and I started getting good traction.

I became a level 1 seller and then a level 2 seller with my eyes on becoming the top level seller.

But somewhere down the line, I lost focus and unfortunately, 1 of my top performing gigs was suspended as well because fo copyright violation, I couldn’t do much, I guess, the image that was used in that gig was someone else but I could never know for sure.

I had trouble organizing and managing my work due to too many orders and a few demanding clients but mostly it was me.

Since September 2018, it has been a downhill Journey, very less number of orders, lost all my rankings and level.

Today I have again gained my Level 1 ranking and hopefully, it will stick and I will again rise to Level 2 and then to a Top Level Seller soon.

Some Lessons for Self and All Fiverr Entrepreneurs here:

  1. Become organized
  2. Become a better manager
  3. Ensure you deliver your orders on time (huge success factor on Fiverr and other freelancing marketplaces)
  4. Reach out to past clients whom you have worked for to get new orders when there is a dry patch going on.
  5. Be patient and keep working on making your services and yourself better.
  6. Build up your own assets (blog, website, podcast, etc.)
  7. When you have fallen, you can either keep laying on the ground or try to get up.
  8. Focus on providing value and something fresh.

I look forward to hearing from sellers with similar experiences and their lessons.


Well, I didn’t have similar experience but I’m wondering: how can you not know that you are using someone else image or not?

You either created that image or not. If you are created that image then you know for sure that it’s yours. If you took it from the internet then you again know for sure that image belong to someone else.

Or am I missing something? How can you not know if it’s your image or not?


They can report you for spam if you do it, even if you do it only once. And if they report you, you can get your messaging disabled, or your account banned.


Because i got it done from a person on one of the facebook groups and i am not sure what was his source.

They can …if you spam them…or copy paste messages, personalize your messages by quoting previous interactions, kind of work done, how you have improved your services, adding some incentives etc. add value and I am sure you won’t have any problems there.

If they’re not interested in receiving messages from you at the moment, they can still report you, because they didn’t initiate the conversation. It happens sometimes, and then sellers complain on the forum that their messaging was disabled ‘for no reason’.

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