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Rise in Seller Followers

Is anyone else being followed on Twitter by a lot of Fiverr sellers who Tweet nothing but their gig links over and over again?

I always get these followers, but there have been soooo many lately. I am wondering why it’s happening a lot more.


Other Fiverr sellers following you on social media is like announcing to the world you have special needs.

I only use Linkedin sparingly. Last year I made the mistake of accepting a couple connection requests from people who turned out to be Fiverr sellers. Then before I knew it, I had idiot post after idiot post appearing in my feed and even messages asking me to send ’SEO Exparts’ work.

Then there are the people who keep messaging me trying to sell me their services. Then there are supposedly reputable sellers who message to ask in a round about way if they can outsource to you, but not order on Fiverr so it stays off Fiverr’s radar. There was the Fiverr user who cloned my profile and sent a connection request so that they could leave negative comments about me on my profile.

Now I’ve deleted everyone in any way connected to Fiverr.


My spidey sense tells me to stay off social media. Bad business.


Yes. And the more followers you already have, the more you get.


Aha! I was hoping someone would note such a trend.

I’ve been wondering if maybe my high organic following on Twitter has something to do with it. But what I don’t understand is how they find me and how they know how to find Fiverr sellers with a high Twitter following. I haven’t even posted my Fiverr URLs in a really long time.

There are a lot of trends with these sellers who follow me: all or the vast majority are from two countries, they’ve made no sales on Fiverr, they sell sketchy things and they only Tweet links to their gigs. They also have default Twitter handles, you know the ones with a bunch of digits?

They follow me in waves. Like I’ll get a bunch of them at once.

The whole thing seems very systematic. Am I in some database somewhere or something? Is someone making Twitter accounts for sellers? It’s truly bizarre.


In my case it’s obvious, because it’s the account I made for Fiverr (I don’t get those in my personal account). I did hear about the others who don’t make their Fiverr business obvious but get desperate spamming sellers as followers, though.

Pretty much.

Sometimes they’ve made a few, though I can’t tell for sure, I don’t check each and every one of them.

The ones I get sell in overcrowded niches (again, I didn’t check everyone’s profile).

Sometimes they also use the reply function to spam. And some of them use whichever hashtags are currently trending, including recent tragedies. I report both.

I don’t get many of those. Then again, I’m guessing you have more followers than I do (a lot more), so I suppose you get more junk, too. Lucky you.

It wouldn’t surprise me.


If you follow Fiverr, that’s enough for them to find you, I don’t think they especially care about a high following, even though they’d consider it a bonus, they’ll just follow everyone who can be followed :wink:


The funny thing is, it happens even to those who don’t follow Fiverr (and they don’t follow it for that exact reason).


Perhaps then to those who follow someone who follows Fiverr. Or to those who mention #Fiverr. I also think that might include people who followED Fiverr, etc. lol the internet is cruel.

They might also follow people based on their forum username, so if you use your Fiverr username as Twitter handle, that’s unwise too if you don’t want “Fiverr followers”.


Same with Linkedin. Same too with the waves.

Yep. Social media tries to pair people with certain interests. I get a lot of connection requests and get encouraged to follow people who work for my old company. There is no way I would find those people organically. It was a global brand and you rarely crossed paths with people from other countries or locations.

You also have to remember that everyone is sharing your data. You might not have told Twitter you work on Fiverr. However, if you use Facebook, FB tacking cookies will see you spend a lot of time on Fiverr and they might share your and other people’s data with Microsoft, who then share this with Twitter, etc, etc.

Big data is big business.


Yes, there are many, many ways for people to find my account. But to target who they’re specifically targeting and to follow me in waves like this would require some sort of relationships management process. It feels automated and it feels systematic. It’s evidently not siloed individuals following me independently.


Maybe it’s related to the Fiverr blog. Maybe they’re teaching sellers to read that.

Maybe all the tracking info is why Fiverr wants us to use Chrome :thinking:


But what does the Fiverr blog have to do with discovering me?

Are you referring to the Fiverr blog post I was interviewed for?

Yes, your twitter info is on the Fiverr blog but that article is from quite a while ago.


Oh yes thanks for that insight!

I initially figured that’s where all the followers were coming from, but in my research I’m finding these people who follow me seem to follow others who don’t have an official Fiverr presence. It’s interesting.

Maybe I’m overthinking it and these people just following people who’ve Tweeted to the official Fiverr accounts about customer service things.


Ah, yes, the one doesn’t exclude the other, I didn’t mean to say it’s just individuals, or it’s individuals with lots of accounts, which there most probably are many of, how would people else sell/guarantee so many followers - and as you do social too, I suppose they’d be more interested in your account than in many others.


Hey, that’s a great insight. Maybe people think there is some sort of cache if I followed them or Liked one of their Tweets or something. That’s how a lot of people think, unfortunately.


Yes, I don’t even tell anyone anymore that I work on Fiverr. Too embarrassing! I deleted several of my social media accounts. Unless I’ve made money through them, they’re gone.


Words that I’ll borrow: ‘embarrassed to be on Fiverr’ is how I sometimes feel.


Same. As legitimate as my work is, I know people will associate me with the plethora of sketchy social media sellers here. They give us all a bad name.