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Rise of the zombie threads

I’ve noticed a spike in the number of old - as in really old - threads being brought back to life. I click a link to find a thread from like 3 or 4 years ago! Wonder why people are afraid to create a new thread?


we have the option to Disable Comments in Old Posts on WordPress/PHP websites. I guess we have it on discourse too, it might be a useful feature on the forum.


+1 :blue_heart:
Grrr, I wish people would let these old@ss threads rest in peace. :coffin:


That’s my thought. Some are starting a conversation with folks who are no longer around or things that are obsolete! The generic avatars throughout the 100+ post should be a giveaway, not to mention the year!


This is likely because of the topic suggestions that pop-up when creating a new thread. It’s easy to look and think, “Oh, a bunch of people have already written about this, I’ll just join them.”

I nearly revived a two-year-old thread yesterday until I saw the date :skull_and_crossbones:


What if, just hear me out, what if they are trying to obtain the “Reader” badge by reading some really long threads, which happen to be the older ones? :thinking: I mean, I’ve seen plenty Badge Hunters around the forum…


I can’t fault them for that.

When this forum was new back Dec/Nov timeframe, I did that exact thing. Now, nearly a year later, I don’t think of it anymore.

It’s fun for the newbies and keeps them hooked. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately some of them think they can get more sales by getting as many badges as possible…

And I’ve seen one of them say that they had plans to become forum Leaders by getting all the badges :smirk:


Well, that’s completely different. I did it for fun.

So, what you’re telling me is that they are going to spam the forum with nonsense and dribble for sales?

Hum, leadership is creating informative threads and responding with accurate answers. Irritating everyone is the quickest way to get banned from the forum.


Desperation would drive people to do the silliest things to keep afloat. :sailboat:


It would nice if they stopped. An old thread surfaced as new and I got excited because I saw emmaki but after entering I saw it was close to 2-years old.


Well, a news wouldn’t be old if you’ve not read it. :wink:

Why is this a big deal? On youtube sometimes I reply comments that are 2-years-old, maybe they’ll reply my reply, maybe they won’t.

I love Fiverr, but some people here are way too anal. If the tread goes off topic, they get upset. If a thread is brought back to life, it bothers them. Sometimes I want to reply and I’m given a warning that the discussion is really old.


I have started to reply to people, written out my comment, then noticed the thread was two years old. I mentioned it one time and was told that the mods work to remove old threads, but as was stated, we get those threads pointed out to us when we write a new topic and are encouraged to use them.

Yup. I’ve seen a few of those as well - as much as some dearly departed ones (as in no longer working on 5r). :frowning_face:

I just saw a three-year-old thread brought back to life - where someone was trying to correct the OP. Well . . . the OP isn’t around anymore and that information is obsolete.


Sometimes I start creating a thread and then see all the same threads that are discussing my issue, then I just delete it. Commenting is a lot easier.