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Rising talent badge

Apparently three of my Gigs are now showing a badge ‘Rising Talent’ (Rising talent with a high potential, recommended by Fiverr’s editors).

I’ve searched the forum about this new badge, but only found one thread which did not really give much information. Is this the replacement of the old ‘Featured’ Gigs? What does this mean for your profile and Gigs? Does it only place your Gig above other Gigs, or does it do more than that?

Anyways, I’m quite happy my Gigs are showing this badge. Gives some new motivation! :wink:

Have a nice day everyone


Congratulations. Your work is beautiful!

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I’m curious too. Is that the new “New seller” badge? Someone saw that on a seller with zero reviews. :thinking:

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It’s strange, isn’t it? I hope someone could give us an explanation…

I just looked at your gigs in the listings and do not see that. It must be another beta test.

Interestingly enough, I only see the badge when I search certain keywords.

hi, is that possible to share some screenshot. thanks…

Lucky duck! I’ve noticed these recently and wish I had one, haha.

wow, Congratulations on getting this New Badge.


You can see it with the keyword Origami. Whenever I use another keyword, let’s say Gift, it is not visible.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Your gigs are really cool.

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Don’t ask me, I have no idea. @misscrystal

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Yep - mostly newer sellers have it and it only shows up when searching certain keywords.

You saw what I had put first but changed. Anyway I like it, we all like the origami. I don’t want to buy it but I like it a lot.

I know ^^ Don’t worry about it!

I just stumbled over this when looking for something else, it´s mentioned in the Seller Help Center now:

What does the “Rising Talent” badge on a Gig mean?
When your Gig is handpicked by our Editorial Team, it receives a “Rising Talent” badge. This means your Gig will receive meaningful marketplace exposure and credibility.
Please keep in mind that the Handpicked status is temporary. The chosen Gigs will be displayed randomly and the badge may be removed by the Editorial Team.


How you got that badge?