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RISING TALENT choosen by Fiverr , Really they check the quality?

i see one of gig that chosen By Fiverr as Rising talent. But it almost every single word has copied from other Top selling Gig on that same category. its like the quality of they are choosing a joke.
i make a gig at least getting me 30 min-1 hour , but a guy who post copy paste getting rising talent :sweat_smile:

Rising talent with a high potential, recommended by Fiverr’s editors.

original gig

tell me your opinion guys


only gig images are different , description and other things are exactly same.

what you mean ? this is not my gig or my account , i am talking about how fiverr editors choose rising tallent even not checking quality of gig

The OP is a successful level 2 seller with an active account.

There is a forum glitch which sometimes adds a 1 to the end of the username.

That is the account which is no longer available.


In my category there once was a “Rising Talent” gig that featured a close-up photo of a female model’s backside. The model wasn’t technically naked, she was wearing one of those string bikini bottoms that were virtually invisible due to the angle of the picture.

I thought it was kind of funny considering how we’re supposed to think about the 13-year-olds using fiverr at all times and no naughty imagery is permitted. But that gig was Rising Talent for a loooong time.


This is a forum glitch regarding your username which I have explained in my post above.

You can report gigs which you believe to have been copied.


Ooh, I see. Thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:


So maybe Fiverr editors don’t always look at the gigs properly when selecting them for the badge and/or maybe the rising talent badge might be partially (or wholly?) algorithm based.

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I’d bet on “partially”. A high percentage of Raising Talent gigs in my category at least appear to be trendy and of good quality. I don’t know how clever the algorithm has to be to take note of that. It looks like, at least to me, that some editorial selection is involved. And some of it appears to be purely algorithmic. I can’t explain those shiny buttocks in any other way.


How about “fiverr choice” at the 8-order gig where they make an email signature in the business card category?.There is just a bug on a bug on the Site and no one wants to do anything. I generally keep quiet about support, there are generally only specialists)))))

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Honestly! I have learnt a lot from here. Thanks for your information

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