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Rising Talent explained


There are so many topics asking about and discussing the “Rising Talent” badge, with most posters a bit clueless about what it even is or why and how one gets it.

This recent Fiverr blog about a Rising Talent turned “Top-Rated Seller by night” (surfer by day - not an internet surfer as you might think - an actual professional long board surfer!) might be an interesting and inspiring read, especially for those who still wonder about the badge, and for copywriters.

I especially liked this advice that Morgan would give new Fiverr sellers - though not just for new sellers, and not just for the main site but also for the forum (and for buyers!):

Always be friendly to each person you come across—smile through the keyboard, and remember that there is a real human at the other side of the screen.


Yes the buyers want to get work done from you, not from the robot.


They could have mentioned more about what the benefits for the rising talent badge are. The help page says:

Your Gig will receive more exposure in the marketplace
Your Gig will have more credibility and a stamp of quality
Your Gig may get an opportunity to be featured in Fiverr’s various projects

Maybe it’s mostly them showing the gig more in searches/Fiverr pages.
I’m not sure I believe that she didn’t sleep at all for 2 weeks though.


More exposure in the marketplace is certainly true, seen how many topics there are here, asking what it is and wondering how to get it.

Credibility and stamp of quality is pretty self-explaining, a buyer who sees that “stamp” most probably will assume Fiverr took a closer look at that gig/seller and recommends it.

The last point might mean they keep an eye on those gigs/sellers and, for example if they’d like to feature one in the blog like in this case, or perhaps for advertising campaigns and such might ask sellers with that badge if they are up for it, or order gigs for them when they need some for their own projects.

At all … hmm, maybe power naps or :cat: nap lenght sleep didn’t count. :wink: