Road to be Animator


I’m a level 2 seller as graphic designer. I’ve good knowledge in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. But now I want be a Animator. Now I need suggestion. Could you give me any suggestion?


There are a handful of gigs on Fiverr offering animation lessons.


Animators usually go to a digital arts school to learn their craft. Perhaps this is something you might consider if you’re starting at the bottom of the field.


Thanks for the advice. I must be consider your suggestion.


Richard Williams book/video animation survival kit is gold. If you read/watch this then you don’t need anything else to understand animation.
Also by animator you mean character animation then you should be good at character drawing. You can skip that part if you will animate in 3D program like Maya, Max, Blender. You will only need a fully rig character and that’s all.