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Road to Level One !?

Hi everyone! :smile:
I’m a seller since 53 days and I completed all the task to get the level one, unless the 60 days as a seller yet :sweat_smile:

I have a simple question: for few hours I will get level one on june? Or there’s the possibility to get it the 15th of may?


It’s only 6 days left till 15th May and you need 7 days to complete that requirements.

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it will change in “6 days left” in few hours, so before the end of today.
This means that on 15th of May it will be 59 days and then 60 days in the same day.
Will i become level 1? Don’t know if i’ve been clear about it :sweat_smile:

6 days left to May 15th and you are 7 days left to reach 60 days. You would need to wait for another evaluation next month. :sweat:

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