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Roadblocks new sellers face when they are just starting!

Everyone has had some difficulties when they were just starting here on fiverr, including me. I found it somewhat kind of difficult to get noticed since when we are new we are not ranked on the first pages of our niche, and it is our job to get to those first pages by providing quality service and great customer experience. So i would love to hear some stories of how you guys did it, how was your journey when you started, what obstacles have you had to overcome, or are still overcoming now, what would you have done different?

Hope this helps new sellers here on fiverr :slight_smile:


Roadblocks and how to overcome them, nice topic.

I had a … kind of a perceived roadblock, I guess.

In my niche, when I started (no idea how it is nowadays, since Fiverr came up with some efforts like the evaluation system, phone verification, ID verification in the meantime), there were sellers who had multiple gigs (most probably multiple accounts too from all I could tell/see, and let’s not even talk about other things), which were literally plastered all over the first ranking page/s - the exact same gig, only with tiny variations of the inconsequential kind (think “I will do perfect X”, “I will do awesome X”, “I will do fantastic X”, “I will do great X”, “I will do the best X”, now tell me that’s not infuriating even on a good day :neutral_face: ), thus taking up spaces that other (new or not new) sellers’ 1 (!) gig could have ranked on.

As that behaviour is obviously unfair, clutters the result pages and makes things annoying not just for other sellers who play fair but for buyers too, and is not allowed by Fiverr’s terms, that did annoy me quite a bit, so you could say those multiple gigs were my roadblocks.

How I overcame them … by starting to not give a fraggelsrock about what anyone else is doing, by not even looking at the result pages anymore to not get annoyed by it … bliss, peace of mind …

And this is a theme that transcends into other areas too: Let others do what they think they must do, and you do you meanwhile.

Buyers tell you other sellers do X for cheaper? Great, they’ll know what their service is worth, I know what my service is worth, glad you found sellers who fulfill your requirements at your budget, good luck with your project.

Everyone in your niche does X, Y and Z but you know that it might be good for mo money but is in fact not the right thing to do? Be wilful and only do X.

You read everywhere that new sellers should set 24 hours delivery time to get orders but you feel stressed out by it, get buyers who won’t reply to crucial questions regarding their order/don’t send requirements timely? Don’t offer 24-hour delivery, or only after contact.

What would I have done differently? Let’s see if I can come up with a top 5 that might help new sellers … I would have:

  • thought very very well about my username (but that’s only a help if anyone browses this forum and reads this post already before registering, unfortunately)
  • learned the ToS by heart right away :wink:
  • set my prices not too high but definitely higher from the start (looking at the competition, and looking through the competition in some cases, should have made me do that pretty much right away, actually, never mind how new I was on Fiverr)
  • trusted more in myself and care less about what others are doing
  • never started posting on the forum, it’s such a time sink! :stuck_out_tongue:

One simple way to set yourself apart: Be unique and genuine at what you do. And be really good at it.

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For me it was other way around. When I’ve started, I got a lot of orders just after a week or so. Then, after 3-4 months: silence, no more orders. Above that, I cancelled order (which I had to probably not cancel but enter in conflict resolution with CS). Because of that and the silence I got my freshly earned Level 1 degraded on the 15th of that month (only 2-3 orders that I got through buyer requests) in that period. I had only one gig until recently. Then I created two new ones. Today one of my gigs is taking over little by little (which could be better, I still hope), but the one gig with which I’ve started, still nothing. Not even a message.

I am putting my effort now on creating a well developed offers and I’ll try to revive my first offer. I am still not sure how. I am following some advices from this forum, lets see how it goes. So follow the forum, I will surely share something if I find what works for me.


Agree with you in most of your comments. When we know what our work’s worth is, we don’t need to worry about what anybody else is doing, because customers appreciate quality and service. I would add to rank and stand out from the crowd, offer bonuses, more value than your competitors, advertise and promote yourself on social media, and learn to say NO as well when you come up with a rude client or a client that you feel is not aligned with your work or yourself. :slight_smile: