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Roast my Gigs! What am I doing wrong?

Hey there!

Like so many others, I am struggling to make my first order. I’ve created 2 gigs within the last 3 weeks and unfortunately didn’t get any buyers yet. Since I don’t know what’s wrong in particular with my gigs, I would like to ask for some forum feedback!

(I’ve read a lot in the forums regarding this topic and tried to apply most of it to my gigs)

Here are my gigs!

Gig 1:


Gig 2:

What I’ve done so far to improve my gigs:

  • I’ve created videos for the gigs with a) the intention in mind to showcase the work I do, b) the process behind it and c) (in one of the gig-videos) to showcase different packages.
  • I’ve hired someone for proofreading to eliminate errors in my gigs
  • I’ve built a google sheet, where I analyzed the most successful gigs in my category regarding tags, pricing strategy, description-strategy, etc.
  • I’ve reworked description, FAQs and thumbnails
  • I’ve browsed Buyer Requests a lot, but I don’t see any. I talked to CS about it. There are too many people in the photoshop category so only the higher valued users get to see them.
  • For more social trust in my profile, I did the Photoshop Test (completed with the highest score I’ve seen so far on this platform) & bought and completed the Adobe Photoshop mastery course on learn.fiverr


What I feel like I could improve on:

  • My profile picture is too dark, I should consider shooting a more clear one
  • My gigs have generic tags (probably overused) based on my gig’s categories. All top sellers do this, however, but I assume that’s not the way to go in an oversaturated market. (Fiverr2019/Photoshop)

What I am unsure about:

  • Pricing. My prices might look a bit high, but the reality is I am already undervaluing my services. The work I offer does not fit the 5$ category. The promises I make can’t be achieved with 5$. But should I ignore that and build a reputation (e.g. Reviews & Orders ) based on 5$ services?

  • I’m unsure about my tags:

Gig1: (Retouching)

Gig 2: (Photoshop Manipulations)

My tags are generic! I don’t get orders, so is it time to change for more specific tags? To evaluate that, here are my gig statistics:

Another flaw my strategy has, are the gigs themselves I think. They are both aiming for niche clients. Who wants to have high end retouched images on Fiverr? Who wants to buy a photoshop composing? Only bigger photographers, agencies or companies buy this stuff and they are not really around here. I’ve seen similar gigs succeed, but maybe they already satisfy all the market needs.

I might have to go back to the start and re-do my gigs to fit more into what people want to buy. I might be wrong, but I think there are a lot of startups, small one-man firms, etc. around, who want to sell a specific product. So I might venture into the eCommerce services with my gigs.

Anyways, If you made it until here… Thank you so much for reading! I would appreciate any kind of feedback. Or just roast my gigs! If you want to have my feedback on your gig, I’m happy to help as well. But I think, my opinion is only valuable on visual matters. (via PM)

You already noticed the main problem: you are working on a saturated market.


You can have the best gig on the world but if your competition is high no buyer will ever find It.

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Thanks for the feedback! You are right. Competition in this field is absurd on fiverr. However this is what I do professionally outside of Fiverr as well, so I’m forced to offer something Photoshop / Photography / Photo-Design based on this platform. Also, A LOT of the photoshop services offered on this website aren’t good. So I think there’s a market for high-quality work once I get the ball rolling a bit. But yeah, it’s not easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe pricing the basic package of the " I will create creative photoshop images tailored to your needs" gig a bit lower to get reviews might help and then you could increase it after maybe.

Also in that gig the video says “Standart” instead of “Standard” and one of the packages in the “I will professionally retouch or edit your images” gig says “Standart” too.

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Ah man! German wording habits! Thanks so much for taking the time and mentioning spelling errors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

Maybe pricing the basic package of the " I will create creative photoshop images tailored to your needs" gig a bit lower to get reviews might help and then you could increase it after maybe.

Yes, I’m always contemplating about it. Having a higher price makes you look more professional, but having a low price reduces the entry barrier. I will consider it, thanks a lot!

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Keep in mind, you don’t have to hold your prices forever. Low prices in the early days can be useful to get those first few buyers, and hopefully some social proof in the form of 5-star reviews. After a while, you’ll be in more of a position to justify raising your prices.

We worked for a fraction of what we do now when we first started out. The first couple of months is a bit of a case of ‘earning your wings’ so to speak.

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Thanks a lot for the reply!

I understand that strategy and I wouldn’t mind at all to do so. It’s about the long-term, short-term earnings in the start don’t matter! However, if I were a buyer in my category and I would see a 5$ service, promising high quality work I would not buy it myself. That comes with my knowledge of the industry. The service provider would either be working for ~1-3$/hr, which would make him appear desparate and therefore not qualified, or he wouldn’t provide what he is promising. But it all matters on the buyers perspective: If he isn’t aware of the process at all he might not think that way, so 5$ would be viable. It’s a tough question for sure!


You can have both and. You can offer a quick and easy base-gig service for only $5 and offer your other packages and gig-extras that need much more time to be completed for a higher price. This has worked well for me.

Hey! Also, thank you for replying. :slight_smile:

As a lot of you seem to mention my pricing strategy. I think I’ll try to downsize my basic packages to 5$. Since what I am doing right now is not working, I might as well try!

Just fyi - offering unlimited revisions in your premium packages attracts the wrong kind of buyer. Really - you’re stuck with revisions forever, well after the project is finished. Offer 10 or 12 or something … or none.

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Though the maximum no. of revisions other than unlimited is 9.

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Well, the alternative is to be very clear in your description how many revisions you’re prepared to do and at what point you start charging for them.

You can tell I don’t really offer revisions - have no idea how many are available in the drop down.

Stick with 9.


Hey there,

I haven’t had these ‘horror clients’ outside of fiverr, but I’ve now read that unlimited revisions caused a lot of issues for some sellers. Thanks for the advice. Like uk1000 mentioned, I should probably lower that to 9. It’s HIGHLY unlikely anyways, that people request more than 9 revisions.


You should lower it to 0. The more revisions you offer, the more you tell people they will need revisions. This makes some buyers think you aren’t good at following instructions first time. It also makes other buyers think "well, I have 9-revisions, I might as well use them," - even when just for the sake of it.

Whether you set revisions at 0 or 100, buyers can request revisions as many times as they like, because Fiverr lets them. Pretty much all buyers aside from new buyers know this. In this case, you don’t lose buyers by offering zero revisions. You just buy a way to put your foot down when buyers start being cheeky and asking for revision after revision after revision.

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@arwheeler - it’s not considered polite to hijack someone else’s thread for your own purposes. Please open your own thread for this.


Sorry I will delete asap.

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That’s a really good perspective on it!
Now 9 revisions sound terrible & unqualified in my head! I will consider how much I will offer.

However, the more creative packages for sure need some revisions as it’s natural in the creative process to make. Your vision and the vision of your client will rarely align well without a lot of discussion. There’s no way to get it consistently right with the first delivery. So It would also be unfair to provide 0 revisions in the creative field in my opinion.


It’s totally okay. I’ve mentioned in the original post, that I will try to help out others aswell with what I can offer.

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Thanks, I do not want to offend anyone.