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Rob Janoff - I Will Create An Innovative And Iconic Logo For Your Brand


He designed the Apple Inc. logo—and now he wants to design yours. Rob Janoff Studio just joined FiverrPro and is selling 3 logos at an insanely discounted price to celebrate. But hurry—this extremely limited-edition Gig will only be offered through 3/30.

Check out his Pro Gig here:
I Will Create An Innovative And Iconic Logo For Your Brand



Looks like a great opportunity.
There is a competition “feel” to this because of the Apply to Order thing. If someone is chosen, will it be publicized by Fiverr or not. Also, are there any T’s & C’s outside of standard ordering?


This is a standard Pro Gig from a seller.

We will likely ask if we can do a follow-up story with the buyers, but there is in no way any obligation to do anything with Fiverr post Gig completion.

Creator of APPLE logo join Fiverr!

Awesome. That’s what I was hoping.


You are promoting Pro gigs.Because it is well profits for you. :slight_smile:


Wow! :slight_smile: Seems very interesting! Apple Inc. logo is minimal but very attractive. He is really an awesome and creative designer!


So, is the price going up after selling 3 logos at this insanely discounted price or is his Gig coming off of fiverr?


Wow!! I’m a big fan of you Mr: Janoff.

Glad to see you here as a logo designer + I got a lot of ideas/inspirations for your articles for my logo designing career. Thank you!


ohh good job


keep it up …:20


Oh, wow. That IS an insane discount. I’m mindblown :scream_cat::scream_cat:


This is fantastic! I am glad to see this iconic designer on Fiverr. :slight_smile:


i like this… :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Great !!! Opportunity I would love to see His work and if possible ask him to share his logos and thought


This is amazing and inspiring me to contribute more and stay connected with Fiverr! I would like to see more seller like Rob Janoff. Motivation to be a successful seller!