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Robot Traffic and false Promises

Good after noon every one. I have recently purchased a gig from some one stating that they will increase the traffic flow on my site so i purchased the gig to see if i could get some results. I will say that I have noticed a small number of conversions to the site how ever out of 79k visitors I feel the conversion should be higher that what it is based on the visitor size but that is not the case. I it bot traffic. I understand that the sellers provide us a service how ever don’t lie about what is being offered on the table you should not tell some one your going to help then produce fake numbers. I am looking for some one who is honest and fair dealing no bsing

It is never a good idea to buy random traffic. Random traffic – such as many sellers try to sell here on Fiverr – is completely useless to a website owner. Random traffic does not care about the content on a website. It’s not going to buy from you. It’s not going to support your cause. It’s a complete waste of time and money.

Always look for targeted traffic, such as an ad program that allows you to target who sees your ad. You want people visiting your website who care about the content you feature there. That’s never going to happen with random traffic. Reach out to the people who passionately care about your website and it’s content. THAT is the kind of traffic that will help you become successful.

You can have 50 million visitors to your site without 1 sale. Better to have 100 visitors who got to your site because they are looking for what you are offering.

It’s pointless to have “traffic” unless they are targeted to what you are offering or what your site is about. This is the only way to get conversions.

Exactly. Always ask the seller first if it’s targeted traffic, if the description does not tell it. Untargeted traffic only bloats your traffic stats, making your site appear more popular. But does not result in conversions no matter how much you buy it.