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Roleplay any setting



If you are looking to roleplay, please contact me in private - no forum logs, no underage, no illegal stuff


I think you may want to read the TOS again. It is fine to write an erotic story for someone, but you cannot take them “off site” to role play for an hour or whatever their fantasy.



Ok, I will edit my request, thank you for answering!

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Actually, it’s within the order scope, so it’s okay. Other people have roleplaying gigs as well.

I did not say that “role playing” itself was the TOS violation - they may have already adjusted their Gig as they said they would. Their initial Gig stated that they would meet OFFSITE to do this role playing, which is NOT allowed.


Yes, it is. Off site communication is allowed when it is in the scope of the gig, which roleplaying is. Most roleplayers use platforms like Tumblr or Discord, as those are much easier. I should know, considering I used to have a roleplaying gig that CS totally knew about and condoned (I checked with CS before creating it).

That is the key though - one needs to check with customer service BEFORE putting up their Gig that says you will meet offsite. This person did NOT check beforehand, and as you may be aware, customer service can be crotchedy if they see you have in your Gig that you will take business off the site even though, that business is paid for on Fiverr. I was only trying to give this person a heads up before they come to the forum complaining their Gig was denied or deleted “for no good reason”.


Because it’s explained in Fiverr TOS, they don’t have to check. I’m a paranoid personality so I check even when it’s not needed. This was one of these situations. OP didn’t have to check because there is nothing against what he or she is doing in Fiverr TOS.

I am not sure what part is “explained” other than you cannot take clients off site to do business. Is there a line in the TOS that says “Role Players” are exempt from this rule? LOL

Either way, I think charging $15 for a ONE hour session of role playing is ridiculous - it should be more like $100 - especially dealing with some of these “fetishes” people have.


OP’s pricing is beside the point. LOL

well it was deleted so apparently it was :confused: I am not sure of why when it did not specify that it would be adult in nature, only said that there would be no limits in rating. And I would rather get $15 for sure than never get $100, it might be little but it adds up and I am in need of cash XP