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Roll-call...I'm Chris, new to Fiverr & eager for your answers!

Hi everyone - my name is Chris, nice to meet you! I am new to Fiverr and have enjoyed diving into the community. Hoping you guys might have a little fun with me and answer a couple questions, let’s call it a Fiverr community forum roll-call:

  • Name, how long on Fiverr?

  • What song is blasting in your headphones today?

  • One piece of advice to your pre-Fiverr self?

I’ll start – Chris Hrabe, a few weeks. “Depth Over Distance” by Ben Howard. Start a roll-call on the community forum :slight_smile:

Cheers! Chris


welcome to the community

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Hello Chris, welcome. I am new to the community.

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Welcome to fiverr community family :grinning:

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Welcome To Fiverr World :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: