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🙄 "You should have followed up"

Every once in a while, I have a buyer message me about a project and then weeks later they return to ask, “Are you done yet?” to which I inform them that (1) an order was never opened, and (2) oftentimes, they never even sent the file! In rebuttal, they say: “Well, you should have reminded me! You should have followed up.”

That’s when I have to politely explain to them that this is a freelance platform and that buyers shop around. I get messages every day from interested buyers. Sometimes they order right away, sometimes it takes a few days or even weeks, and some of them, of course, choose not to order at all for whatever reason. It’s not my job to nag them and see what the status is. Sometimes buyers do send a message saying, “Alright, I’ll be in touch,” or “No, thanks,” but most of the time they just decide at a later point in time.

I know I’m not the only seller who thinks it’s unprofessional to “babysit” buyers and keep following-up with them until they say yes or no, but it never fails that a couple times each year I’ll get a buyer who basically (when it comes down to it) forgot to order and comes back trying to blame me and say it’s my fault because I should have chased them down and taken their money.


That is so odd that you posted this. have never had that happen till today. Couple days ago someone messaged me asking how much for a job. I told them and then forgot about it. Tonight he asks me “are you delivering tonight?” And I had to write back and say, “Did you ever actually place an order?”

Waiting for response.


It’s not just unprofessional, it’s against the rules. You cannot keep asking and messaging anyone who inquired about your service. I have never done it even once. The buyers know where to find me if they want to order without me hounding them.

Most likely they are trying to see if they can make you think they ordered when they didn’t. I’ve had that happen a few times.


That’s possible. I recently read a thread about a buyer who demanded a cancelation for an order that didn’t exist.

I guess it’s just a way to waste our time (I don’t think any seller could make the mistake of actually giving work for an order that doesn’t exist), but it’s very irritating.

A couple of times, I got messages from people demanding to know why they didn’t get their order and it was late when there was no order. One complained I never sent him his psychic reading when I don’t have a gig for that.

I often do followups with certain customers, mainly when I don’t have many customers and when I need the money.

I don’t follow up on purpose for 2 reasons

  • maybe they were just shopping around and found someone else, which means I’m wasting my time
  • if they forget about the project then most likely the revision process and getting their requirements will be a nightmare. I don’t want to take on a client who forgets to respond and might impact my delivery time.

In a sense, it’s actually a good test to see if a buyer is truly interested and able to respond on time.


I guess some people think we’re all sitting here staring at our computer screens bored to death and just waiting to get an order.

I’d say it’s probably a good thing that person never actually ordered… I have had bad experiences with buyers who expect me to read their minds and continually follow up to get the info I need. Not fun.


I never follow up unless it’s a regular client that I know forgets. I have enough issues dealing with the clients that order without speaking to me, order services I don’t supply, and expect everything for nothing and then demand a cancellation when I won’t do it for nothing.