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Rotating gigs.... Good or Bad?

I have seen many discussions about sellers saying Sales DROPPED…

fiverr gives everyone chance to get buyers… so new sellers get more sales then Level 2 seller :wink: Kind of.

It means fiverr is more concern about increasing sellers on fiverr. When new seller like me gets level 2 then he is stuck with his old buyers only…Very few new buyers…

I think the fiverr should promote quality and skillful sellers. Quality and skillful sellers are the true assets of any freelancing sites… Once a buyer get best quality from fiverr… He will be permanent buyer of fiverr… for each and every service that he can outsource…

These are just my thoughts :open_mouth:


There needs to be a balance. You should promote high quality gigs but at the same time promote new folks because without it, new people just can’t become established even if their gigs are great.

They have a separate portion for new gigs… The main thing is satisfied customer of fiverr.

Make the people think that fiverr have most skillful sellers…

100% satisfaction of buyer is good for both of us. Us mean fiverr and seller.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but remember also that better follow the the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. In other words stick to where you feel you are better, do all that is in your power to be the best and people will come back to you. At the same time promote wherever you can. Trust me Fiverr is by far the best place to be! :-B

Everyone starts out as a new seller. Yes, it may stink to know that some people offer low quality gigs but still end up getting buyers, BUT if buyers do their job of providing appropriate feedback of great ratings to the quality gigs and poor ratings to gigs not done well or done halfheartedly, then hopefully the buyers will find themselves buying from the better rated folks. Let’s hope so anyway.