Rotation for new and old gigs


Just did one word key searches last days. (search bar)

Shorly: My old gig keeps constantly sinking. Week ago it was on 2nd keyword search page, now on 3d. It means it keeps losing (Fiverr Rank). It’s normal as I think for all the gigs of my level.

But I’ve created a New additional service gig 10 days ago(7 days in index). The keyword search index now - 7th page. If I’m right it constantly moves up step by step.

Total amount of keyword search pages 18
Used logged out browser. My new one moves up much faster than my old one goes down.

New Gig is 1 week old now 12.06.2017

12.06.2017 - keyword search ranking - page N 7/18
19.06.2017 - keyword search ranking -


Good news your new gig keeps going up :slight_smile:


Cheers, it’s not news. It’s my monitoring and I have no idea what will be. I have my theory that for my level it can be useful to kill old(gone) gigs and create new ones. If my old one will keep going down and new one up - looks reasonable to hope for rotation.

simply version


I like the dog in the picture of your gigs. Is that your dog? The ears look like wings :joy:


I’m not so sure it is best to remove your old gigs. What Fiverr’s algorithm does this month may change next month. At the very least, make your old gigs inactive, do not delete, just n case a algorithm update changes things. Do keep testing though…that’s the only way to try to understand how to rank your gigs. Good luck


Cheers, I’m not going to delete it now. There is no hurry up because my new one keeps moving up. If it will be available for people in 2,3,4… weeks(as I think) I can know needed raising time. As I remember it took a few weeks for my old one to get the 1st order.