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Royaltee free intro videos

I had a disapointing experience with some sellers.
I am looking for an intro video featuring my logo.
I know that these kind of intros are not unique, but I need to check that they are at least royaltee free (in other words, I need to know if the seller has simply the rights to sell the intro he produced (for instance, I know that some intro produced here on Fiverr comes from Videohive and can not be resselled).
And when you ask the sellers you are interested in if the intro videos are royaltee free, they simply never answer.
Here is my question : does someone know sellers who produces royaltee free intro videos?
Here is a suggestion for the guys at Fiverr : if a buyer buys an intro video that is not royaltee free, he takes a legal risk. It could be interesting to check that before you authorize a seller to register on Fiverr…

I think you should choose a Seller which have higher cost then these so basically they will work on that because no one will spend on a intro video for 2 days for 5$.

I agree with @justmarketing00. You should by from a potential buyer with a good rating and who doesn’t provide you his services at cheap rates. Good things come with huge prices

For anything like this, I would simply ask them if the work is royalty free. If they don’t answer the question then don’t use them.
If they say it is then ask them to explain how it is royalty free. Check their answer with a few Google searches.
You are employing the seller not Fiverr, so it is up to you to check that what they say is true. Fiverr is not an agency for sellers, if it was then the prices would be 10-20 times higher and so would Fiverr’s fees.

The sellers I mentioned have one of the higher rates and provide services from USD 40

Do you think you can get a PROFESSIONAL intro for 40$ outside fiverr?

I know it is not right if you state that you can do the work you can’t do. So Fiverr Support should take a notice. You should contact them about the Seller.

Exactly. how about he Try you? :smiley: :wink: