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Rubbish service

First time using this service so thought I’d give it a go lodge a request and paid for it.
3 days later nothing. I go into active and all I get is circle going around and around.
There is absolutely no contact info or chat facility on website, you try to do support you get to chose the subject of the complaint and then nothing else happens no text box or send box opens up. Is it some sort of scam ?

Sounds like bad internet to me (circle going around). I get it all the time. When you go to Customer Support and lodge a complaint, you do have to fill out the drop-down box with the appropriate complaint area, and shortly after you’ll be able to write whatever it is you actually want to. Bad internet = none of this happens.

So you paid for a gig and then got nothing. If you get a circle going around and around that indicates that there is no connection to the webpage, usually on your end, due to a bad connection from your internet.

It is possible, if you only tried it once, that you got it during a time when there was some sort of internet failure or bug on the site. Customer support does always show a box to post your message in.

Absolutely not a scam. It’s hard to tell from your description but it sounds like some kind of internet connection problem, where the webpages are not loading into your browser for some reason. I’ve been here three years and never had this problem, except for a few times when either the site was down, or my internet was not working properly.

Make sure you are using a compatible browser. Use an up-to-date browser and a PC version to do support tickets. (I have done them on Android but if you have problems it’s better to use a non-mobile OS.) I use Firefox and can submit tickets fine, although I have seen many people say that Fiverr is optimized for Chrome. I have a terrible time with Internet Explorer myself, plus it’s a bloated and badly coded browser. I don’t recommend it if you have a choice.

I haven’t tried Safari or other Mac browsers and I don’t have a Mac to give you recommendations on that. I agree with the others that the problems you describe sound more like internet, browser, router or other issues on your end. Fiverr does have glitches and problems, but I haven’t seen tons of complaints on the type you mentioned. They would be piling up like spam if they were happening site-wide.

Like others mentioned, this could be bad network or something. Fiverr protects the rights of buyers a lot so this shouldn’t scare you. Why not try again…

Definatly a browser issue your end with browzer not loading.

I am only new here and had a [roblem and customer service is excellent and will always reply to assist with any issue you are having.

My advice is to try again using either Firefox or google chrome.

I AM NEW AND WILLING TO START BUT IF I get any chance to show my service level and won’t let any seller to complain.I shall try my best.

Work on your English while you’re at it.

@emmaki You need to refrain from such comments. Almost one third of the traffic that comes to fiverr is from India. Respecting other cultures and professionalism is the key to better communication.

Once you travel and live in other countries, you will understand about the world and how it works.

Darling, I live in Greece. My point, while harsh, is perfectly fair. English is the international language of business, and a better grasp of spelling and grammar will help any seller from any nation make more sales and achieve more.

You can say what you like, and I’ll respect the difference in opinion–but when you say I should travel and live in other countries to “understand” how it works and I can point out that I have been doing that my entire adult life, it rather screws your point up. So save the patronizing for a real homebody.

Post removed and sorry @enmaki

Just seen this post, I wouldn’t mind a follow up post, what’s your experience like now @adrenalineuk?

Just seen this post, I wouldn’t mind a follow up post, what’s your experience like now @adrenalineuk?

Well, this is exactly my point–you’re not terribly clear in what you’re saying. You don’t want to work on your English and it will help you make a difference?

You’re offering love letters and ebooks. If you’re offering English-language services, you need to have better English. It has nothing to do with you being from India and everything to do with offering quality services. But if you’re happy with your passable English, that’s fine, too. I’m just telling you that you really should work on improving it, as it will massively improve your job prospects.

This is hardly an inflammatory statement…

@enmaki now I got you, actually what is problem ? Accent, Pronunciation or style…If you are saying it seeing videos and descriptions then I would say just to make it clear & easy to make out, I made it …If it does not work in fiverr, then I will work on changing it in a real classy presentation. Sorry may be you felt insulted , I have no right to insult a TRS .But frankly saying before working on pace or style , I want to know if fever works for beginners in 2016. It is being doubt for me, again sorry @enmaki

I’m not insulted at all, and you have every right to insult someone regardless of their status. Fiverr can work for anyone as a business, but it is work. All I am saying is that working on improving your English is a good idea. I work daily on my (very bad) Greek, so I am not coming from a particularly anglocentric viewpoint. Better English = better business.

Again, I am not being inflammatory. I’m pointing out a simple fact. International business requires an international language. 100 years ago it was French, 300 years ago it was Latin. In 100 years, maybe it’ll be Hindu or Chinese. It doesn’t matter–just learn the damn language to the best of your ability if you are offering services related to writing in it!

For example, you might have a bad buyer, or there will be miscommunications du to poor English skills. You’ll want to contact Customer Support to get a good result, right?

What if CS doesn’t understand you because you don’t have the words, the grammar is off and you accidentally insult them by directly translating a harmless phrase in your native tongue?

You’re not going to win, and you’re going to accuse Fiverr of being crap. But the reality is, if you’d studied English more, you would have been able to state your case and win the dispute. There’s the other myriad benefits of learning English to consider too. If you’re happy with your current level and don’t want to learn more, that’s fine–but you are limiting your potential.

See how this has nothing to do with Indians, @edume? Nor understanding global mores? It’s about the reality. Like it or not, it is what it is. I for one am sick and tired of “Indians are awful/Indians are too many/Indians are cheap/Indians are great” posts. Who cares? They’re people like you and me and sometimes they just need to be reminded that this is a place for work and business and substandard products are not welcomed by anyone. That includes people who know a lot of English words but can’t really clearly communicate yet offer English writing services. If you think that’s not a problem, fine, but you’re discrediting yourself, imo. Offer some art or something not related to language skills instead and that you can do very well. It’s not brain surgery…

@edume – If I may ask, where do you get that statistic from? How do you know that “almost one third of the traffic that comes to Fiverr is from India”? That sounds like a generalization to me.

I would like to improve obviously but It is not that worse that it is going to have a low communication level.But now I am bored , and leaving fiverr will come back later with Web designing works.Hope you get more sales though you don’t need my praying but still Hope for your success @enmaki and bye