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Rude and Angry Sellers

I ordered 2 gigs from a seller. She sent back a message saying that I had to break up the gigs as I had too many requests on one gig. I did so. I ended up purchasing 9 gigs altogether. I waited for the gigs to be completed. The seller was late completing the gigs. I messaged the seller, waited 24 hours and got no reply. I cancelled the orders and Fiverr generated the automatic cancel message. This seller messaged me with a story about no internet connection. I explained that I sent to another seller for my gigs and that’s when things went haywire. This seller first blamed me, then threatened me, then said that they placed a spell on me.

Reply to @kjblynx: I actually just laughed out loud!

Like, every other person I know has internet access in some form or another. (Actually, the number is higher than that. LOL) I would have gone to someone’s house (or used their phone) to let my buyers know I’m having issues. Or, as has already been mentioned by madmoo, I’d stop by the library or another internet hotspot that has computers available.

No excuse for “no internet access” these days!

Not to mention, you shouldn’t have to tolerate being threatened or in this case “hexed”. Obviously the status of someone’s Internet connection isn’t your fault. I had a family emergency with my baby being taken away in an ambulance. I still managed to notify my clients who were waiting for an order and offered them a mutual cancellation or very late work.

Life happens but when you have responsibilities here on Fiverr you still need to handle them. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. If you still have the threatening messages, you may want to send them to CS. A seller who acts that way doesn’t deserve good buyers. Trust me, there are tons of sellers who would be happy to have your 9 gigs and who also have a working Internet connection.

I would def send any threatening remarks to CS.