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Rude and vulgar. ONE STAR - I did not deserve it


This is NOT fair. I received very bad-quality photo. Unrecogizable face of one person. Overexposed photo. Basically - the customer did not meet starting order requirements. He placed the order recklessly without reading them. And still - I did my BEST. I drew BOTH persons and delivered befre deadline. Not only one person (although buyer paid for just one). In further conversation he’s very vulgar and rude. And demands me to draw everything from zero (both characters), with extra color for just $5 (but it’s worth much more) and he promises feedback removal then. I think he planned it from the beginning.
I asked him for feedback removal (using ‘rsolve’ button), but he didn’t agree, refused. Propably, he knows the support won’t help me - that’s why he’s so confident’ He obviously find the way to get something by blackmail. He knows about how this system works… And it works unfair with no protection for sellers who are clowns now…
I’m really starting about leave Fiverr and find some other job… I am exhausted with reckless people who are going to ruin my ratings and profile… I’m helpless when I have ZERO protection from Fiverr support.
Is there a CHANCE?

Blackmailing at Fiverr!

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I’m so sorry this happened to you. That was really rude.
Do not let this person discourage you though. It happens to all of us at some time.
Develop a very thick skin. Let is roll off your back and continue on.


You have awesome gigs and hundreds of shiny reviews. Some people are just very unpleasant, but don´t feel discouraged.


According to your Fiverr profile, that negative 1-star review that you are writing about is the first negative review you’ve had in about a year. I’m not sure you can claim that people are out to ruin your ratings when it’s been a year since your previous negative review.

Perhaps you are over-reacting a bit? A 1-star review is unfortunate, especially as a result of the order you have described… but “people who are going to ruin my ratings and profile”, I just don’t see that happening.


I don’t see the review. It looks like Fiverr has removed it after all. Glad to hear if that’s the case, as no buyer should act like you describe.


Yeah. Looks like that was very unnusual, blindingly obvious incident, even for Support team.
Thanks God…

Thank you People for kind words and consolation.


I’m sorry. It’s a real jolt when this happens. I had one a few weeks ago but I weighed being harassed and humiliated by a buyer so I canceled VS the ongoing treatment…Don’t even focus on this person and keep focusing on the great service you provide and the fantastic buyers that have left you wonderful feedback!


I’m so happy for you that CS removed it.