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Rude behavior can cause account restricted

Hello there!

from last night a client was just talking and asking for requirment and then he wants me to show him a sample and I did then he didn’t like that I just said then we just wasted each other time. now client want to report to the fiverr , so it will be harm my account ?

CS can evaluate the conversation and decide to send you a warning. Warnings are taken into account.
The short answer is: yes.


is it will be blocked or banned??

or just its warning!

I just said “we wasted each other time.” thats make him rude!

From the Terms of Service:

“Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages sent to users will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.”

The definition of “rude”, on an international platform, may be wider than you think.
From my point of view your remark “we wasted each other time” is quite rude and unprofessional.

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So that can be blocked and banned!

I doubt they’d ban you, but obviously can’t speak on behalf of CS.

However, it may draw attention to your account if you’re reported etc. - it might be a good idea to be on your best behaviour for the next while?


yes but I m worried that the only profile.

And? You should only have one profile, so make sure you behave! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I didn’t realize thats the word make him rude!

You think it’s perfectly polite and professional to tell someone that they wasted your time?


NO but since last night he is telling me his requirement and we agreed that and at morning he is asking again and telling his same requirement. But I didn’t think twice to say that but now I think i should think.

I don’t get it! Even if someone wasted your time, why did you mention in front of that person? It doesn’t sound professional! :thinking:

Edit: Based on your profile you seem pretty much experienced with handling clients on Fiverr! However, there are countless people and countless choices, asking for a sample and leaving is nothing new here! Lot’s of people do that. So you shouldn’t worry about wasting your time but concentrate on how you can convince them to understand that you are capable of fulfilling their needs.


yeah now i m feeling guilty for that

not its make me afraid if they block or banned me for this!

I m not sure what they do for this. they can banned me or blocked me.

You were given an answer to that. They will warn you.


I don’t think they will do something only for the mentioned reason. Unless you have done something terrible, don’t worry about it too much. I guess you can get a warning or nothing at all. There are lots of people here want to misuse the platform and mock sellers with certain things like reporting to CS. If you feel sorry for what you have done and make sure not to do that again, that’s enough! Multiple warning can cause a permanent ban, but a single one won’t hurt that much! :wink:


If they just warn me that great. I will be more careful next time. but still worried what they will do!

Are you sure! I did apologize also to the client for that when you said thats rude behave!