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Rude buyer behavior

I was doing a demo for a client (not even an order), when i told him that i usually don’t make as many revisions ( i did about 5) as this was not a placed order and he overeacted this way calling me even an ***hole…i think i never disrespected the user in any way.

I hope fiverr could do something about this kind of behavior, if i as a seller call him this way i am sure i was not here anymore…we have to shut up and keep receiving insults and even i don’t know if he will be using my design where i spend several hours. we should be allowed to warn another users about these buyers giving names. it is sad.

Wait, this guy didn’t even buy a gig from you and was demanding revisions for a sample?!! Wow! That guy is trouble, and clearly just looking for free work…

report to fiverr along with all the conversation , i think #Fiverr will take action because this buyer used Slang Words.

  1. Don’t do demos for clients. You can show them samples of what you do, but you’re not here to work for free. This isn’t charity, it’s your business.

  2. Don’t do more than 1 revision, and that’s assuming you think it’s worth it.

  3. Learn from this experience.

    Good luck.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’m 100% agree !!!

Thanks for all the comments and support, i think i won’t do demos anymore…i wish i could show you the work i did for him…it was very professional and i feel sorry and helpless when this situations happens, as gingerwriters says i think he was looking for a free job, it is a shame i cannot warn anybody about this user and he will be ordering from one of us again for sure…i have found very nice people here wishing to pay more or give tips for our hard work, but in the other hand i have found this kind of behavior.

Again thanks for the comments and i will be checking for more input on your side :smiley:

Reply to @madmoo: thanks, i have being seeing your comments on the fiverr forum and you always give great advice, as you said, i skipped this bullet but he made my day misserable it is hard to contain myself when somebody acts this way, now i am ok…i appreciate that.

Reply to @bipulroybpl: he is reported now, i hope fiverr can take proper actions :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Reply to @fastcopywriter: i want to take your advice but how could i give just one revision without having a bad rate?..i mean…a lot of buyers demand it or they give a bad rate:(

any advise?

this is an update i received in my inbox about this situation…i think he could be the same guy…what do you think? the profile looks like he writes the same stuff.

Reply to @madmoo: no i don’t and any serious seller or buyer could think that too…it is funny how there are people trying to get stuff for free and even taking the time to do all this and insult instead of rethink on their rude behavior at the end he will have trouble on everyday life with this attitude.

again thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Reply to @kickgom: If a buyer flat out says “Do [this thing I haven’t paid for and you don’t offer for free] or I’ll give you a bad rating,” (or something like that–you catch my drift), that’s not cool and Fiverr (in my experience) will back you up and even remove the negative rating.

In general, being VERY clear about how much work $5 gets a buyer and what kind of revisions they can ask for/expect is the best way to prevent someone from expecting this ridiculous amount of work.

Reply to @kickgom: If you are having that many revisions and that many clients tell you they are going to give you a bad review or have had experiences where you have many clients giving you bad reviews without asking for changes, then maybe you either need to make your gig more clear, or ask better questions of information you need to get from the clients in order to do good work and just make a minor revise.

Why are you doing any demo work for free? Only do work for people that order your gig.

Reply to @sincere18: now i learned the bad way

I had a crazy situation with a buyer earlier this year that was obscene and clearly I did nothing wrong. I reported it and this buyer cannot order or contact me…yet the buyer is still active here and it is beyond me why they were allowed to stay in this community. I feel all you can do is defend yourself.

Reply to @fixmyprocess: it is no good we cannot warn between sellers about these buyers