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Rude buyer threatening me

This woman is threatening me that she will contact my past buyers and will ask them about their experience with me.

I have only 5 star reviews and she is trying to get people to contact Fiverr against me.

Have you had any experience like that in the past?

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Just report their message (the one where she threatens you) to Customer Support. Right next to each message there’s an option to report the message, just hover over it.

Contacting other users, for anything other than conducting business, might be perceived as spam, so it’s likely they would get in trouble before they could get you in trouble.

If you don’t have an open order with them, also make sure to block them from contacting you again.

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Hi Milankata,

You should keep yourself normal and professional against such buyer’s threats. Just show these threat messages to Fiverr through Customer Support. They will check out the whole matter and may block her/him from this marketplace.
Moreover, if she contacts with your past clients to know about you, it will create annoyance for them, and there is no reason, they can go against you.
If your orders are completed with that buyer, just block him/her.

Contact CS. No one is allowed to threaten anyone. Send all her messages to CS.