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Rude buyer with really unlimited revisions

Hey guys! I’m doing photoshop and I have one really rude customer and I don’t know what to do with him! He contacted me first and asked me if I can edit some pics and send them in inbox and he gave me some samples to see effects and all that stuff so I can do the same with his photo (he told me that he did this to many other sellers so he will choose). I did it and in couple days he wrote me again and told me that he liked my work the most and asked me for the price for 20pics. A told him that it is 25$ but then we found at 20$. I started doing photos on the way I did those “demo” photos if I can call them like that. And she told me that it looks fake and that she doesnt like it. I was like “okay, do you like this one? Please tell me details about what you want, it’s obviously not enough to tell me that you want colours to be more rich” And sent her another pic. She told me that that one was great. I edited the rest and I was constantly sending them to her in inbox, she didn’t replied. I delivered it(revisions are unlimited) and I told her that I will do touch ups but I am not interested in doing it all over again. And then she became reeeeally rude saying that that wasn’t deal we had, that i told her that I can improve photo quality(which I did on photos that it can be done! You can’t much improve photos that are taken in dark with phone without HDR turned on) and she sent me again some samples of the pics style that she wants(that insta blogger style with a lot of white). I told her that I made her pics look like that and that she told me that it looks fake and that she told me to not whiten it. And then she starts again… I can hear her voice like “HEY, YOU ARE MY SLAVE”. I really don’t know what to do. Honestly, I want to cancel it cause it’s sooo stressful and rude that I can’t look at those photos and messages. My question is, how to cancel the order and how it will afect my rate? And can she rate me when I cancel it? And does that cost someone? THANKS GUYS.

I agree that you should cancel. When you go to your order, you can use the resolution center in the top right corner to request cancellation. The payment will be refunded to your buyer’s balance, minus the $2 service fee. It will affect your cancellation rate, which could make it take a bit longer to get to level 1, but since it looks like you’ve only done a couple orders so far, I don’t think that is likely to be a problem. If you cancel, he can’t leave a review. From the sounds of it, he will never be satisfied, so it’s best to cancel so you can stop wasting your time on this and you don’t get a negative review - that’s worse than a cancellation.


I don’t know what type of Gig you were selling to the buyer but If you are thinking that you can’t satisfy the buyer then simply cancel the order with polite reply and clearification why you can’t complete the order. I have cancelled only 1 Order when I saw that I don’t have time and can’t satisfy the buyer.
This is my opinion. Don’t fear about your account status. If you are doing good and unique job in photoshop you will definitely get orders again.


Thank you so much! I am really happy when I see how people here want to help! I am new (active with orders just 20 days) and I really didn’t expect that you guys are so kind and ready to help! THANKS

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Thank you so much for sharing you experience and helping me! So happy when I see that there are people who are ready to help you in minutes!