Rude Buyer


I have a buyer sending me inappropriate messages, telling me he would like to see me give a blow job or suck something. Saying i’m naughty, asking to see my nipples… Is there a way of reporting this?


Well it would have been nice if Fiverr replaced his words with ‘fragglesrock’ like it did mine -.-


Because of your most sold gig that is basically hot pics of your cleavage you’ll always be likely attract the wrong crowd just like that, so expect more guys treating you the same way as time goes. If you don’t respect yourself, many others will follow the same pattern. I’m not judging you, just keep in mind what I said. “Sex” might always sell better, but it’s also a double edged sword.


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Exactly. It got too heated. No hard feelings on my part.


Reply to @jtengle: Great, same here! :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Now I see why the devs are so stubborn about not allowing editing of comments after a few minutes and I thought they’re a bit crazy about this. If @jtengle folded I thought I should support his decision and do the same thing, no point in feeling like I’m talking all by myself anyway. Sorry about turning the thread into a ghost town. Hope It’s all good now. Hugz.


Reply to @madmoo: I know. That was our way of self-deleting. We have the option to edit our comments, but not remove. We’re all good now.


Reply to @madmoo: I agree with him as well, but that’s just theoretical stuff that would only happen in a perfect world, no in the reality we live in. People will just be rude to you.

I studied a lot of “models” from facebook and I’ve seen what their pics are all about and also what are the reactions of the so called fans, it pretty much sickens me. Not cool to see cleavage pics anymore and not cool to see a ton of dudes treating that female as a sexual instrument, but in the end it’s the exact image she strived “so hard” to achieve, so that’s that.


Reply to @madmoo: Woah, sometimes people are lazy or don’t have inspiration and just take the easy route. No wonder prostitution is the oldest job in the world. People keep doing the same old thing that’s guaranteed to work.


Reply to @madmoo: Hehe, at the same time, having a face (especially as a female) as the avatar can increase your orders. There are two sides of the coin sort of thing.

Yeah, a lot of the gigs around fiverr are total garbage, mostly consisting of fake facebook fans, fake twitter followers and so on, but unlike other fiverr clones, at least here are some nice and original gigs as well.

I just hope someday fiverr will not be all about the profits like that and I really think that having quality gigs around will actually make things better for most people, actually increasing fiverrs own profit overall.


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Oh, that’s just not cool. I keep finding gigs using my images and it just makes my blood boil.


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I am afraid I strongly disagree: It’so much like what Indians say about women who get sexually assaulted “She was wearing revealing clothes”…“She asked for it because she was wearing “sexy” clothes”. What a load of crap. Such comments come even from the cops: So it’s like saying that it is OK to molest someone who wears a pair of short… and these people who got assaulted were wearing T-Shirts and jeans.

So let’s not support bad behavior here. We don’t want to go the Indian way!

dreadknight said: It's like you would dress up to support your favorite soccer team or whatever and you bump into some guys wearing the clothes of the competing soccer team, therefore they pick on you.

This is a great analogy.

As far as the description theft, laziness is no excuse, and adding the lie "I'm creative" takes it even further down the shameful route.



Reply to @madmoo: I’m not surprised with the messages, I just wanted to know how to report it. I’ve done it now, although he messaged me this morning even though it said he couldn’t message me again… Little confused!


If you’re selling pictures of your boobs for $5 to random people on the Internet, you’ll probably get a few “adult” messages in your inbox.

  1. It is NEVER the victim’s fault.
  2. Unlike fire and scissors, human beings have a choice. NEVER choose to rape.
  3. There is no consensus among women that wearing certain clothing is a “cue” for others to RAPE us.
  4. Avoid “slutty” and other vilifying, disparaging, negative qualifiers to describe feminine attributes and features of a sexual nature.
  5. There is obvious contextual significance in the way we dress. Going to work topless will get many people fired on the spot. Dressing inappropriately for the occasion NEVER extends to rape. See 3.
  6. There is nothing shameful about human sexuality. Particularly female sexuality. See 4.
  7. So what do I expect? NEVER to be sexually harassed based on my clothing. EVER. The expression of my sexuality is NOT an invitation for assault. I do not and should not “expect it”.


Reply to @cheezees: I really feel like your comment is directed at me, because everybody that replied to my comments was rather closed minded and didn’t understood much of what I was saying. Seems people here are stating obvious stuff just like the Bible is saying “Do not kill!”, like you need a book to tell you common sense stuff. What people don’t get, including yourself, from what I’m saying is that I’m talking about playing it safe, caution, probability, human psychology and how this universe actually works and NOT how a perfect universe would be like.

  1. Good luck with that mentality. It’s like saying you don’t want to get a cold in the winter and that’s simply enough to not get it even if you don’t dress properly. To increase your chances of not getting a cold, you need to dress up properly. Why take an unnecessary risk to become the victim of a nasty cold when you can do something simple and pretty much avoid that? Isn’t it unwise to go out in the winter undressed or I am missing something?

  2. Some people are incurable alcoholics, recently there’s even a country that makes such people clean the streets and stuff like that by rewarding them with alcohol, because they won’t be cured anyway so the government might as well indulge them in their vice.

  3. A sex addict seeing an almost naked lady around might not be able to control himself either. It’s one of the reasons adicts got sponsors to call when they feel weak.

    In case you are a parent and have daughters, I do wonder if you are totally ok with them showing off with bare minimum clothes each time they wanna go out.

  4. That’s kinda like me asking the girl who started this topic to not put pics with her cleavage and “donkey d1ck” (avoided filter by using l33t) etc written on her boobies because I find that offensive for the female genre or even the human race; maybe I’m a pr0n addict (or not) and expect to find this website totally safe for work and not get distracted.

    You’re like saying to describe stuff by only using other words, which kinda ends up like a word game. Prostitution exists and in fact it’s one of the oldest jobs out there and it will keep on being.

    You’re also kinda like saying that people shouldn’t not buy cigarettes anymore because they’re a waste of money and they ruin health, but most people know that and don’t care or just can’t quit because they’re addicts.

    I know a lot of people that are buried in depts, yet their priority is to smoke everyday because they just can’t help it.

  5. Ofc there’s not, but some people don’t have control, I’m talking about not taking risks here. There’s a saying, “when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. It’s so annoying that people read my comments and only understand that girls who don’t dress properly want to get raped and such. I’m saying that they’re more proned to get raped, so it would be wise of them to not take any chances. I am repeating myself over and over again and people don’t get it. Showing your body in a casual situation is one thing, showing it during sex is another.

  6. Even if you do not expect something or it should not happen, the harsh reality is different.

    Not all people have good intentions, some do it on purpose because that’s how they’re wired, some have moments of weakness.

    I am not pro rape so stop implying that. I am typing all this stuff up because I care about people and I just want them to pull their heads out their asses and be more vigilant overall because bad things happen even if you don’t want to. There are 2 sides to the coin and if you as a girl want to impress guys by showing up your body and get the attention or open doors, you are at the same time bound to attract negative stuff as well, like envy, malice, rape and so on.

    Whenever I go on facebook nowadays all I see overall is pictures of cleavage and boobs boobs boobs, which get a look of creepy comments and a ton of likes. The next generation of females will take example and follow in the same footsteps more and more. People keep losing their decency. Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Reply to @dreadknight: My reply is not directed toward you. I did not bother to read more than the first line of your above response. I never hit the reply button to any of your previous posts and

dreadknight said: everybody that replied to my comments was rather closed minded and didn’t understood much of what I was saying.
is in no way related to me.


Reply to @cheezees: You used a lot of my words there and talked about rape. Me and jtengle kinda deviated a little from the original post by trying to address a larger problem.

Even if you say that, it’s very clear that you read quite a bit of what I wrote around here.


Reply to @madmoo: Good reply. I think it got too far as well. Regarding “ugly old nun” I exaggerated, but you get the idea regarding attractiveness in terms of what would someone average consider sexy along with the idea of robe not revealing much of the body.

Personally I’m a sapiosexual (attracted by intelligence) so I find it rather disappointing that people usually are focusing on the looks overall. I haven’t said that a woman would ask for rape by what she’s wearing, but rather taking a risk for something bad to happen the more she steps towards being sexy and crossing the boundary to being rather indecent. That being said, I think the topic started kinda got all the answer she needed xD

I apparently missed noticing that ignore button, good to know about it.