Rude Buyer


I had an order from a buyer, and the work he needs is something related to adult material , I sent him the message that i can not do this, and suggested mutual cancellation, He then started abusing me and threathing me that he will leave me bad feedback and all. Any suggestion what to do ??



If you have been threatened please contact customer support. No one here should feel threatened or intimidated by anyone.




I don’t think he can leave negative feedback if you have not delivered any work. Just click the mutual cancellation button and bring everything to a halt. Then, if he doesn’t do anything it will automatically cancel in 2 days. Just ignore the SOB.


That’s awful. I’ve had people ask for adult related gigs before, but they were always understanding when I explained why I couldn’t do it, and readily accepted my mutual cancellation. This sounds like a nightmare though. I would definitely contact support, since Fiverr strives to keep a safe, welcoming, and professional environment. Good luck!


Oh that’s horrible. Don’t worry, the admins won’t let him leave you a negative feedback. He should have messaged you first.


don’t worry about it multygraphics. If you ever have an order that you have a legidmate reason that you are not able to do it such as Adult Material that you have no interest in doing. Just submit a ticket and explain what is going on and request that they manually cancel the gig for you. They will as I have had to do this more then once. Just make sure that you do it before the time period expires on the gig.