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Rude Client


My gig clearly states that I will not write someone’s essay for them, just edit it. Yet this person is claiming that I’m not help to them. This is after I helped this particular client find links to assist in starting their essay and even understand the essay question that was assigned by their professor.

Any tips on how to deal with a rude customer who might go out of their way to intimidate you?


Yah, some of these buyers are ridiculous.

They never read the entire GIG description or message to confirm a few things. Just because of this I had to cancel 20 GIGs this month… it really makes me angry


Well I just had someone sent me a message which I would consider rude: no “hi”, “hello”, or “thanks”, “regards”… just a few words, like “I need this (very short details) done.” not even a line asking for price.

I honestly was annoyed. But they’re the customer and also that in general is more like lazy than impolite. We exchanged some more messages. All very short and straight to the point. Then they asked for sample and I said they should pay for one. And they sent the longest message ever (longest for them) sayings that there are ways providing samples without the fear of them stealing it, like watermark, implying that I’m unprofessional.

Well maybe I actually am unprofessional in that matter, but the fact that they are so less of words unless it comes to payments (or something that they don’t like) proves that my judgment was right and I shouldn’t be dealing with them in the first place.

So that’s what I would do, stop dealing with these people in the first place. Even if they won’t cause a financial problem, they will give us headaches.

If you sense that someone is troublesome, just walk away.


Be polite to them anyway and request a mutual cancellation. In your case you really have a tough road to go down with your claims so you may even want to re-think the gig. One of your gigs says this:

“Apart from being a widely published, I was also a student at Hunter College for 4.5 years. I double majored in English and Media, therefore I was constantly writing papers and articles.” and then you offer assistance in these things among others:

"Writing a thesis

Fixing grammar

Double checking for clarity and flow

Great grades guaranteed"

Since your post here has some writing errors, it appears that you may be overdoing your sales copy. The client may be rude or may just feel misled, there is no way to tell from what you wrote here, but I would just suggest a professional and polite end to the order. If you can polish your skills some before offering post-graduate level writing assistance and a great grades guarantee, that might help you gain more positive experiences on Fiverr. I’m not trying to be overly harsh. I do a lot of writing work and I also make errors, but I wouldn’t offer what you promise and I wouldn’t ever make a grade guarantee at any level.


As soon as a buyer gets unreasonable, do as @fonthaunt suggests and politely cancel. There is no point in moving forward with any order that is likely to lead to trouble down the road. Focus on new orders.


Reply to @safwan: I’ve seen you mention this in a few places on the forum. 20 cancellations is a lot. I haven’t looked at your gigs, but it’s likely that you could make improvements to your descriptions to cut down on misunderstandings.