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Rude customer

A guy wanted me to do nudity after the conversation gig and after I refused, started abusing me, calling me names and threatening to “kik me out of fiverr” as he claims to be a “superuser”. Then he tried to cancel the delivered order and I refused. Would like to report him but cannot find this option. Can anybody advise?

It is against TOS of fiverr to abuse anyone or threaten to give bad review.
If you are right and have proof, go for customer support. They can remove the review and can take action against that buyer.
Moreover, No buyer or “superuser” has authority to kick you out.
Must say, he has very sick mentality.
Fight back!

On the main site and forums the link to support is in the footer, the link is titled “Help”. On the support site the link to contact support/create a support ticket is in the right corner in the black header, the link is labeled “Submit a request”

Yes, I can prove that as I have screenshots. Thank you for advice!

Go for it! I look forward to your success.

Reported. Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

If someone’s abusive, it might be best to ask to mutually cancel the order THEN report them. If the order is cancelled, they can’t leave a review. You might not get paid, but your reputation would be protected.

He ordered the 2-d gig right after the 1-st one and I made a mistake accepting without waiting for him to leave a review for the 1-st one. And it all unfolded after the 2-d gig and I would have to cancel both gigs not to let him to leave a review. It’s not about the money part but I really hate to be taken advantage of and that what was clearly happening.

After reading the post, I sensed that the user must be from India. I checked the review and confirmed. :frowning:
Feeling embarrassed.

Indians, stop ruining our reputation . It’s a shame that I knew where this user was from even before I confirmed. Stop asking for too much and stop “bargaining”.
Bargaining is in our blood but it does not work every where. You have to realize this is internet and people will not work as you expect.
Stop asking for something that is not being offered.
You will write a review full of lies if you don’t get what you ask because how dare they deny you, right ? And this is not just about fiverr. I have seen the same going on on shopping websites. “Camera is 5mp. Not a good deal. 1 star” . What the hell ? You knew the specifications before you ordered the item then why cry now ?

You know exactly what you will get for the price you pay but still you ask for extras after getting it by making silly excuses. This will not work everywhere.

I was born here and have been seeing all this till today. You feel “proud” to be Indians but try to look from the perspective of others. You Bharat will not be considered “mahaan” if you don’t stop this.

I have written this message out of frustration because I have seen much of this “pervert-ness” from you. On the fiverr posts and obviously on the internet.

I am an Indian and I will think thrice before accepting a work from an Indian here. Because I know you will not be satisfied until I work 10 times the price you paid.
Our currency is weaker and things are expensive for us as compared to US or EU countries. But that shouldn’t make us assholes to ask for more or cheap services. People on the internet will not work for the same rate that you work or pay for. The sooner you realize, the better it will be.
Lower your expectations and try to see from the perspective of other countries.

Of course, No offense intended to the nice people of my country. But to the people who do this. Stop. You’re ruining or reputation.

P.S. Excuse the typos.

This behavior is not region specific, in my opinion.
I experienced offensive behavior from some buyers of Europe.
But yet i agree that most of the cases are from south Asian region including my own country.

Thank you for encouraging! The Support Team removed the sick review and returned my rating back to 100%. The buyer is being reviewed by the Trust & Safety team.

No, the support didn’t cancel the gig and it was finally marked as completed. The review was removed and my rating restored to 100%.

Congratulations, I am happy for you.
Good luck for your future sales.

How did you read the review??

That was available to read on @kitsune_ah profile before it was removed