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Rude sellers and unprofessional

it seems that this user just want to get logo ideas and sell them to other clients or make the their own??? i want to complain i gave this seller mi logo idea he did it but i was not 100% happy so i started asking question before i pay for it and suddenly he just said, you know what just find someone else, very unprofessional and rude. you should not have people like that, i work hard for my money to spend it wisely and get treated like that by unknown person is disgusting. i attache the seller info!! i will be posting this in yelp, google reviews etc…


So, let me see this.

You are a buyer.

You ordered logo from one of the 180000 “logo designers” on Fiverr and their price per logo was under 100$.

You gave seller your sketch.

He did it without you paying him (so he worked for you for free) but you are not happy.

He responded he doesn’t want to work with you (and he was right, we are trained the moment we see buyer is going to be a pain to deal with to not accept working with them)

Now you think he is going to steal your logo idea and sell it to someone else?

You did not pay so you did not spend anything?

Did you pay? Did you see his portfolio before ordering? Did you pay over 100$ which is still heavily underrated price for a logo, but doable?


That’s not how Fiverr works. Sellers shouldn’t even start working before the buyer places an order.

It’s unlikely that the seller is going to steal your logo idea. The seller probably thought you were never going to place an order and would just keep making them work for free (and decided they’d rather spend their time working on an order from an actual paying customer).

That was a bit rude. He should have told you “no” in a more polite way, and much sooner (as soon as you asked him to do anything without prior payment).


As a non-native English speaker, I understand what he said. He DID not even start the order and thinks the seller was being rude.


I know. I just like to “translate” topics like this with no dot, comma, paragraph, order or sentence construction.

The first problem is communication. Even the kindest person can get irritated while trying to communicate to a non-English user if it becomes a prolonged conversation that drags on…

Of course, it’s equally frustrating for the buyer as well, you just want to make sure you know what you’re getting.

But if you find the need to retaliate by doxing his details or gig, just because of that disagreement… I think most of us sellers can empathize with what that seller had gone through.


Your account says United States, yet you write like that. Then you talk about “stealing logo ideas”, as if that is a thing. You had a seller work for you for free, and you weren’t “100% happy” with his free work, so you wanted more on the promise you would pay afterward. Very suspicious.


I’m disappointed to see a Buyer on here saying he will post negative reviews about a Seller.

I think that is unprofessional.

Do you suggest doing the same with customers of yours that you don’t like?


Just wow.

Ok, he has been unprofessionnal, true, but what’s the problem, why do you create a topic to harass someone then there are millions of people making logos on fiverr ?
I don’t understand why you keep harassing someone then you didn’t pay anything and just asked question, that’s the point: asking questions and order or not.
Just skip and find someone else, what’s your problem ? What’s the point with google review ?
You must be a boring person to make business with…

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i hope he does not steal my idea or sell it to some one else!! i just started asking him questions about if i order his gig he will do the revisions in case the final work have mistakes or i wanted to change a letter or something and he just was rude. But t i found a very creative and professional seller that he delivered my logo on time with all the revisions i wanted , he make all the necessary changes and even made the logo better,AMAZING!! he even guarantee my money if i did not like it money back guarantee LOVE THAT in his confidence and he even said do not worry sr i will satisfied your logo idea and you will love it and i did, i am glad i found this sellers i will recommend him to my associates and come back to him for future projects!!

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Believe me, ideas area dime a dozen. I would bet money (not being a betting man) your idea is not anything new or different. Let alone saleable to anyone else.

Star Wars was mostly Dune with some Ben Hur, Zen sayings and a few other things thrown in. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t impressive but ideas are not that interesting on their own.

You got a seller who suited your style. Move on or it just makes you mean-spirited with all this distrust you throw around.

We are sellers, we sell things to people who want to buy what we do. None of us want to spend time with someone who doesn’t want what we do. Nor should we have to. Do you like salesmen who don’t take no for an answer and chase you across the store?



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This is very unfair and It should never be.