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Rude Toy Bear - Making it on Fiverr

So after a few drinks years ago, I started voicing my toy bear. It’s weirdly something me and my partner have kept up doing on a daily basis, adding comedy and joy into our life. For some strange reason I have exposed Jim, one of our many bears, to the Fiverr gig world. Take a look for yourself, let me know if you think I’ll even get one order for a rude bear to drink coffee and be cheeky on camera!


You took my suggestion to use the “level 2” card to the maximum, and this is truly GREAT. If i had a lot of GIGs available, one of them would be voice acting.

But you are level 2, so please, put some greenscreen, lighting, add effects, :smiley:

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hey… i am wpsami. new user in Fiverr .

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I am planning to upgrade the video on the gig soon, just thought I’d get it up and running first. It was more a crazed random idea. I have taken your advice and I am trying to think of new gigs I can offer and get as many up as possible.

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Hi wpsami, welcome to Fiverr

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It’s good to have a bear as a spokesperson , but you also have to create much more better sample video, because it’s very important for buyers to choice your gig. Because your gig not cheap , at lest I think start with a $20 , it’s not cheap, so you must give a good quality of video . Your sample video has at lest two problems : 1 , video Quality not good, it often looks like out of focus ( Looks vague) , so better to use a good camera . 2 , If you are behind the bear , take care of your outfits, better do not have any letters or logos on your outfits , if buyers want you to Introduce their websites , they won’t like you to wear something shows other people’s logo or letters … Etc, good luck any way , you can do a lot of different idea with your bear :slight_smile:



As I said previously, I am going to produce an updated video soon, I just wanted to get it up there. Thank you for your feedback though.

The sample video is just a quick one whilst the idea was in my head through my webcam, I’ll hook up my DSLR and redo it soon. As for clothing and background. I am looking into a way to have jim on his own, yesterday the challenge was getting him moving without seeing my hand, sorry for the spoilers if you thought he was real :joy:

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Jim now has an updated video! He also comes with a British RP accent! Unlike the Mr Bean esk voice I am badly using in the main video. Do you think people would prefer my silly voice or an RP voice over?

The fact that for $50 I can ■■■■■ a bear gives me something worth living for.

It’s only $15 if you don’t mind it pre-recorded…

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