Rudeness of fiverr


We seller almost complete orders then buyers want to cancel it,Then we had to suffer for cancellation,Isn’t it the rudeness of fiverr?Why buyers always get too much priority?


Of course it’s not the “rudeness of Fiverr.” Fiverr has a business to run. Sometimes they do lean toward the buyer side and sometimes not, but in every case, one side is going to be unhappy. A better question would be to ask why so many of your buyers are trying to cancel.

Are they asking you for a cancellation first? In any normal case, they request a revision from you first and if you won’t or can’t do that, they request a cancellation. You can technically refuse to cancel and then the buyer would have to go to Fiverr as a last resort. If you really delivered as promised, Fiverr will send the buyer back to you for a revision.

I notice that you’ve posted a lot of complaints lately, from wanting a $50 gift from Fiverr for nothing to being upset that a buyer would cancel because you called them by the wrong pronoun. Spend some time really polishing your skills and delivering the best possible quality and perhaps you won’t need to complain. :weary:


Spend some time really polishing your skills and delivering the best possible quality and perhaps you won’t need to complain.

He doesn’t want to work on that part!! He doesn’t know that there is no shortcut for success.


Perhaps this is true. So many newer sellers now seem baffled by why they don’t sell a lot by just creating some simple gigs with gig images taken from someone else. Some don’t seem to realize that freelancing on Fiverr is a way of starting your own business and it takes a lot of creativity and effort to do well.


[quote=“fonthaunt, post:2, topic:112003, full:true”]
Sometimes they do lean toward the buyer side and sometimes not[/quote]

When they did not take buyers side? :unamused:


Excuse me Sir,I do.So that I have opened this account after watching 1 year.One year ago I had an account for just knowing fiverr.And after one year I have opened another account for selling.


You can check my gig.I have attached what I really made. :unamused:


lulzy, that’s top quality stuff, ma’am.


This is actually cool, I like it.

But I can´t find fiverr rude, they let me find buyers, or buyers find me, they always let me transfer the money I earned to my paypal, they have Customer Support people who always react to my tickets with politeness, even friendliness often; some buyers are rude, yes, some sellers, yes, fiverr, no. Fiverr isn´t perfect, me neither, but they aren´t rude.




You must have forgotten writing this:

Maybe you need to apologise to @fonthaunt for your rudeness?


And sounds like multiple accounts (and a ToS violation), too.


so rude (20 characters)


You have a nasty attitude. @fonthaunt is right, every single thread you start is nothing but moaning & groaning about rubbish. An apology is in order for the foolery!

Make it a sincere one!




Nope I deactivate that account


I am sorry for the first one.But every thread I create something is new to learn.At least I learnt something.When I ask for something there must be a negative response,So I got rude.Sorry for that.And I never get cancelled order for wrong pronoun.That was just for knowing if I get cancelled.


Really dude, you have to start acting more mature if you want to cut it in the professional world, whether it’s on Fiver or anywhere else. Learn from your fellow countryman @djgodknows Do less talking and more learning at this stage. All the best.


Hang on - let’s see your quote again:

You said that buyers cancel orders when you called them by the wrong gender title. Now you’ve said twice they didn’t cancel - which is true? Is anything you post true?

@writer99025 is quite right - learn more, talk less.

Here’s a challenge - whenever you’re ready, please come back and start a positive thread - I’ll be the first to give it a like if you can manage it!