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Rudest effing customers - Fiverr needs some fixing

Some girl bought 14 readings from me. FOURTEEN.
After about 12 readings in, USUALLY ASKING FOR A READING ABOUT THE SAME STUPID PERSON, she decides to open up a NEW Fiverr account, buys maybe 2 more readings from me and leaves me a negative review :slight_smile:
Not once has she ever complained in any of the readings she purchased. Then all of a sudden she decides to leave a negative review out of no where without even consulting me :slight_smile:

This is probably my 2nd negative review in a row in 2 months. The last negative review I got, the lady was absolutely insane, talking trash about how every Psychic on this site is crap which is super offensive. I even got permission from her to remove the review but Fiverr denied my request.

Absolutely ridiculous. What a-hole buys 14 readings from me without saying a word and leaves a negative review? I did find it suspicious that the girl never left any 5-star ratings. Then opens up a new account out of no where and leaves a negative review.
After about the 3rd or 4th reading they buy, you think “ok great, the buyer likes my readings.”

I messaged them and they won’t even respond. Super classy of them.
With all of these shenanigans with Fiverr denying everyone’s request to remove feedback, I’m going to be put out of business by a-holes who have no manners or common sense whatsoever. I work extremely hard on my readings - the least a customer could do is contact me and resolve the situation without leaving some BS review.


Relax. Take a deep breathe. Move on.


Hope you didn’t get in touch with CS again, you pawmised last time!! :wink:

I can’t because I have no reason to give them to remove the review! The only suspicious thing she did was make a new Fiverr account to leave a negative review but I don’t even think that’s a big deal.

It’s not a big deal.

Its suuuuppppeerrrr annoying… but if you believe in Karma, every :dog2: will have its day… :ok_hand:


I really hope these a-holes don’t mess up my sales. So lame. As long as I make 2k every month then I’ll be good but still it messes up my ego a bit, I don’t know.

Good attitude!

For someone to open a second account to leave a negative review definitely needs a psychologist not a psychic!

:bulb: Joe

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Sometimes buyers are in a bad mood and take it out on the seller. We get buyers who are in emotional turmoil. You could mention in your reply that she got 14 readings from you and was happy with all of them.

psychic should have seen this coming!!!

(Sorry I couldn’t resist teasing a little)

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Well im a new seller here, and i was wondering if there is any feature in fiverr that seller can review a buyer. If this feature is there in fiverr then whenever we have bad experience with a buyer then we sellers should rate that buyer 1 star and give review that this customer is not trustworthy and one should not work for him/her. and before working for them we will see the recent review and then only we will decide if we should work with this buyer or not.

2k every month? :open_mouth:

I’m like working non-stop and make $300. I have to get a job. :joy:

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$300 in Romania is same as $2000 in the US…[Love Romania, one of my long-term clients is from your country.]


It’s very close to the minimum wage salary at the moment, which is $251.43.

I love Fiverr, but it feels like every client I meet lately is outraged if I add $5 for an extra fast delivery or expects the world for $5.

I am amazed at other sellers who make so much money. Usually, when they ask for how much it costs, my buyers disappear or make sure to let me know Fiverr advertises $5 jobs… :smile:

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First of all, a buyer rating system does exist. It doesn’t quite work like the seller review and it takes a hectic process to see the reviews left for a buyer.

@psychicbunny: You never really mentioned how you found out it was the same person. Did they request a reading about the same guy?


She’s psychic! she just knows. :smile:


@writer99025 I have a friend lives in USA, she is married with one child. She told me that her average monthly household cost is $5000/month and they don´t live a fancy life. Just basic.

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as a psychic you could not predict this? see it in the cards?

also, if a buyer wants to leave a 1 star review then it’s up to them, you might think you did good but it is the seller’s point of view.

WOW. That just shows what a huge difference there is between different regions of the world. Living in a developed country also leads to a more expensive lifestyle if you look at it from an outsider’s perspective.

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@anamariaedan Yes.

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yeah, don’t let it mess up your ego. in fact, the less ego, the better!
if it messes up your finances that’s one thing, but if it messes your perception of your own worth as a psychic, then it’s honestly not worth the trouble