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Rules for buyers reselling our gigs? [ARCHIVED]

I just found out today that a buyer is using my fiverr gigs and reselling them for a profit on his own SEO services website.

I have already requested a cancellation from him when I found out that he does not have the necessary information I need from “His Client” for me to complete the gig.

I already sent in a support request for them to look this over and to close those orders for me also.

What i’m wondering is, what are the Fiverr rules for buyers doing this?

I would like to see this buyer banned from Fiverr.

trevor_b said: What i'm wondering is, what are the Fiverr rules for buyers doing this?

As far as I know, there are no rules that pertain directly to reselling. The Fiverr ToS claims that unless otherwise specified in the gig description, the copyright (ownership) of anything provided in a gig is transferred to the buyer as soon as the gig is completed. So, that means the buyer owns it and can do whatever they want with it - including reselling.

There are actually quite a few sellers who intentionally function as 'sub-contractors' here.
oldbittygrandma said: Resellers? Bring it!!

I think you just have a different 'business model' - and it totally works for you. Your videos are absolutely 100% you, but I think you might feel differently if someone could somehow 'erase' you out of the equation, pretend to be you and sell your product for 30 times the money. There are gigs where it really does just boil down to buyers taking advantage and being underhanded. Which can be OK in a business environment, but morally (and potentially legally) questionable.

It's like when my 'real' work clients ask for editable documents at the same cost as finals. Why would I be stupid enough to give them my signature recipe and all the ingredients instead of them paying me to prepare it each time?

I also think. as long as he’s not re selling them on Fiverr. It is ok. As long as people bring business to me. I don’t care they resell it $1000 in elsewhere.

I totally agree with the statements above… He bought those gigs from you so he has every right to do what he wants to do with them… As long as you’re getting business, thats what matters. As long as he’s not reselling them on fiverr.

I suggest they make us know about it so that they have the right to duplicate our profiles in their initiative, thus marketing us also. We want those extended customers to get the service at low rates…

haha why are you complaining? he paid you didnt he? he gave you money didnt he? that is why you are on fiverr right? A big part of business is using low rate suppliers for profit

I absolutely love providers using me as a resource. I just got 15 orders on Friday from a provider that I have made a total of 150 videos for. These videos range from $30-$70 each. This provider handles getting the clients from their website, handles script writing, SEO development and direct customer service. They well earn the extra money they make from the process.

We are in a very smooth routine and I spend most of my time working with regulars (repeat customers). Working with repeat customers takes alot of the risk of negative reviews away. I also do not have to teach my process.

My rate with these larger customers is actually higher than my one off public rate. It costs more for consistency, availability, etc.

You really have to control the process. The problem that arises is the lack of communication to the end client. Many times I have more experience communicating with clients than my reseller does. This will slow the process down and cost you extra time. You have to work out the logistics and measure the extra time it takes for the lose in communication. Changes in scripts and graphics, Your provider knows what limits you put on your production, but does their client know those limitations when they start asking for revisions and changes? I have bailed my providers out many times and they really think I’m a super hero.

There are no rules about this, that is what business if for. People buy services and resell them elsewhere. If you want to create your own website and sell direct to a client you can do that also. The other person is providing a service. This is part of the flaw of the Fiverr $5 business model in the sense that if you hired a freelancer indeprndently ly to do the job you would pay a ton more money out on the real world, but stuff is cheap here on Fiverr. Some smart business people know where to buy products to then resell to their clients for a profit.

If this is not comfortable to you, then now since you know you can decline orders from that buyer and do a mutual cancellation. After a few times the buyer will know he cannot come to you for orders.

But no one is doing anything wrong here.