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Rules while sending Buyer request

Can i use my behance link as reference for demo work while sending buyer request?


Behance is not allowed.

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll to the bottom.


The following URLs may be used:



Thanks a lot, now can i send my fliker profile link on buyer request to show the buyer demos?

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No. You can’t use behance links. I use flicker link to share my portfolio. It is images site.
I also see that URL’s before. There are shows youtube links acceptable. But i am not sure about that. Because, anyone can contact sellers outside in fiverr if we share youtube links. So, fiverr not allowed to contact with buyers and sellers outside of Fiverr.

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Great share thanks a lot

Great :ok_hand: information

thanks . very informative

You can submit all work on Flickr account. Fiverr is allowed on Flickr account. Thanks.